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how to find a person's criminal history

Many a time, we need to check criminal records of an individual when we are taking him as an employee, keeping him as a tutor, planning to marry our daughter to him or for any other reasons so that we are assured of the person’s character.

  • When you want to search for a person’s criminal history, it is essential to have as much information as we can about the individual.
  • We must first know his complete name that is his first name, middle name and surname.
  • Next, we should know where he resides and his social security number. If possible, find out his birth date and the original place where he hails from.

There are states that maintain criminal records of the people in that state on their website. You can log on to the state website and search for peoples criminal background online or you can file a background check request with the FBI. For this, as mentioned earlier, you need to know the complete name of the person, birth date and social security number. This will help you in making the search easy and quick. However, websites are not maintained by all states.

If you know the county where the person resided earlier, you can log on to the county records website and search through the superior court records, public record database or the court clerk’s office. You will have to search in all departments on the website as different counties keep their records online in different departments. Having a check at the website of the sheriff’s office can also help.

Get in touch with the local newspaper’s office and you can do a background check at your police station too. If you have any suspicion of any criminal activity that must have been committed by the individual in any particular month, then you can go through the newspapers of that month at the archives department of the local newspaper to check for news clippings and police blotters related to that criminal case.

At the police station, you can only manage to get a copy of a person’s criminal charges that must have been pressed against an individual. In order to know whether the person was found guilty and served time in prison, you will have to visit the office of the local court.

There are many resources that are available on the Internet to check peoples past criminal convictions. With proper research, you can come across sites that will help you to find crimes committed by a person in other countries as well.

Taking the help of private investigating agencies to look up peoples criminal background can also lead to some results. It is obvious that you will have to pay them for their services.

All the above methods can enable you to collect information about the criminal records of an individual.We think these are some of the best ways to find peoples criminal history.

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