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ways to do a criminal history check on someone

First off, sometimes free isn’t always best! Typically you get what you pay for. You can get a free criminal history report or even get a basic free criminal background check done online.. but usually, it’s very basic and not enough to base any important decision on. It’s your choice… keep reading…

Are you feeling unsafe or insecure with the new nanny that you have appointed, or unsure of the character of your neighbors, or are planning to appoint certain new employees in office but wish to be sure of their past record? There can be many reasons where you might have to associate with new people but not sure about them. This is very natural with the rise in the number of crimes that are being committed all over. The best thing is to try to satisfy your doubts by do a search for someone’s criminal background history.

There are many sources to help you to do a criminal background history check on a person. All you need is the full name of the person, the place he/she hails from, birth date and social security number. These details can be found out with little effort. If you are appointing a new nanny or some employees in your office, you will get this information on their resume. In case you have shifted to a new area, and wish to confirm the character of your neighbor, you can pay a visit to the local county office and go through the records to see the full details of the person who has bought the property where your neighbor is residing.

  • A search can be then conducted either locally or online.
  • You can go to the local police station or county courthouse and submit a request to have them do a background check and search for criminal records of the person, if any.
  • You must have the person’s consent to do a background check at the police station or if you need a FCRA background check.

However, doing a search online you can access many record databases that will help you to utilize the freedom of information act and search through public records.

Conducting a criminal records search online saves you time and effort. There are a number of websites that will let you search a person’s criminal history free sometimes. Although, very few sites offer this information for free while others charge a nominal fee. Typically, I’d say you get what you pay for. You can do a simple search on Google for a website that will let you look up someones criminal background.

You can visit the websites of the local and state government Justice departments to access information. For a wider search, you need to log on to the website of the public records database that contains information of crimes committed by a person not only in that state but also in other states of the country. These databases are available with private companies that provide it to you for a small amount of fee.

Other than that, in order to be completely sure, you can hand over the job of finding a person’s criminal background to a private investigating agency that will run a complete criminal background search for you and present you with a report. Paying a small fee to them to ensure the safety of your family members is no big deal.