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how to find out if someone is married or not

Day by day it is getting more difficult to date someone because people are lying about their marital status so it becomes very important to know about the fact that whether the person is married or not. If both men and women are aware about this fact about the person whom they are dating is married or not then they can easily save themselves from a disaster. So it becomes very important to find out if someone is married before you date them.

Steps that are required to see if a person is married are-

• Background check for marriages is a great method to find out whether the person is married or not. This service is generally not free of cost and you will have to pay for it. Suppose a person is married in a certain county but has never registered his marriage or he/she is married in a foreign country then it becomes difficult to figure out about his/her marriage.

• Ask from their family and friends as they can provide you a large amount of information. Ask straight forwardly to people and then see their reactions. By asking from a large number of people it may be possible that you can figure out some amount of information.

• Do a search on the internet. On Google if you type a person’s name then you can search a large amount of information about them from the Internet and should be able to find out about a person’s marital status online. If any sort of wedding announcement has been made in the newspaper then you will be able to find it easily on the Internet. Do check your friend’s profile on the social networking websites and see comments and photos too. This can help you in providing a large amount of information about that person and will help you to see if someone got married or is married.

• One can act as a detective and can trace the person. Visit their house to gather information and to see if something strange is happening or not, have a look at their documents like bank statements, telephone bills, etc. Search for their old photographs so as to find out about their previous marriage or to see if a person is divorced.

• Finally ask the person and then see his/her reactions. Any kind of strange action like loud laughter, nervousness can indicate that something is wrong. A harsh and quick “no” is also giving a wrong signal. So be very attentive and try to notice the face gestures carefully as this is going to help you in the long run.