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In the extreme northeastern United States you can find the state of Washington. It is bordered by the vast Pacific Ocean to its west and Canada to the north. On the east side of Washington you will find Idaho while Oregon can be found to the south.

The state of Washington is the 13th largest state in the nation and is currently home to more then 6.5 million residents. It is the 18th largest state with regards to land area and covers a total of 71,342 square miles in all.

Washington is also known by its nickname of “The Evergreen State”. In 1889 is became the 42nd state added to the Union. The capitol city of Washington is Olympia but the state’s largest city is Seattle.

With the passing of the 1974 freedom of information act, a big step was made towards the concept of one’s right to know. The U.S. Congress believed that each and every single person had the right to know exactly what type of information was being maintained by the government.

As we all know, no one is perfect and neither is any act or law. The original act, severely limited the amount of information that you’re able to obtain, but as time went on many amendments were made to the bill to mold it into the freedom of information act that we know of today. Now its easier than ever to perform criminal background checks.

While it is completely possible for you to go to any government office in order to obtain the information that you’re looking for, it is important to remember that every state has their own laws regarding what is one’s right to know. In order to bypass all this all you have to do is make use of the Internet in order to obtain your records. You can easily search Washington court records online, find Washington criminal records, do Washington background checks, search vital records & statistics, find property records, driving records online, search for sex offenders, lookup arrest records, find inmates records online, find people in Washington state or just search marriage and divorce records. You can obtain this information by a search Washington public records online

No one is perfect, and sometimes are public records may have errors or omissions in them which can affect your daily life. Like this and many other reasons you have turned to the Internet to obtain copies of your public records to determine what is wrong, what needs to be rectified as well as the type of information the your local government has been keeping on you. You can also find someones criminal record or look for peoples public records online.

Public records now play a pivotal role in business decision making too. Many businesses make use of them before hiring a new employee to ensure that the person is trustworthy and can handle the position that they may be given. This is why you should check criminal history of someone, find criminal conviction and offender records online. You can search county, circuit and probate court records online easily by accessing Washington state public records.

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