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Along the east coast of the United States you will find the state of Virginia. To the north, Virginia shares its borders with Maryland and Washington D.C. To the east you will find the Atlantic Ocean while North Carolina and Tennessee can be found to the south as well as Kentucky and West Virginia to the west.

The state of Virginia is the 12th most populous state in the Union. It is currently home to almost 8 million people but it is a very small state too. Virginia is the 35th largest state in the nation and covers a total land area of 42,774 square miles.

The state is also known by several nicknames including the “Old Dominion” as well as the “Mother of Presidents”. It was admitted to the nation as a state in 1788 as the 10th state. The capitol of Virginia is Richmond but the state’s largest city is Virginia Beach.

The freedom of information act was passed by the United States Congress back in 1974 on the belief that each and every single person has the right to know exactly what type of information is being maintained on them. This was an important first step to developing the ability to freely obtain your personal records.

The concept of what can be considered one’s right to know has changed over the years from its original definition. With the original bill was passed, it is severely limited the types of information that one was able to gain access to. But as the concept of one’s right to know has changed so too has the understanding of the freedom of information act.

Each and every single state in the nation has its own version of the freedom of information act and while some states make it extremely simple for you to obtain records, other states make it an impossible task. Luckily though, you can bypass all of these difficult issues simply with the click of the mouse. You can easily search Virginia court records online, find criminal conviction records, search Virginia divorce records, search property records, find sex offenders, lookup criminal records online, do Virginia criminal background checks on people or just find a person in Virginia. You can do all that will access to public records online.

Each and every single person out there has their own reasons for wanting to obtain public records, and irregardless of what those reasons are is good to know that you can have access to them. Whether you are wanting to find out what’s been holding you back from getting that job, or even if you want to fix an issue with your records, it all comes down to first obtaining them. You can gain access to Virginia police records, arrest reports, search inmate records, birth records or just search a persons criminal history online for free. You can gain instant access to criminal background checks by doing a free Virginia public records search online.

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