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Pennsylvania can be found in the northeastern United States. To the south, the state is bordered by both Delaware as well as Maryland. West Virginia can be found to the state’s southwest while to the west is Ohio. New York and Canada can be found to the north while New Jersey is located to the east of the state.

It is one of the most populated states in the nation and is home to more then 12 million people. The state is the 6th most populous in the state; it is also the 33rd largest state in the country and spans a total of 46,055 square miles.

Pennsylvania is known by many different nicknames including the “Keystone State”, the “Quaker State”, the “Coal State”, the “Oil State” as well as “The State of Independence”. On December 12th of 1788 Pennsylvania became the 2nd state to be added to the Union. The capitol of the state is Harrisburg while the largest city is Philadelphia.

With the belief that everyone has the right to know what type of information is being maintained by the various government organizations, in 1974 the United States Congress passed the freedom of information act allowing any person to obtain their personal records.

The limitations that were placed on the original bill limited what you are able to obtain with regards to your personal records. A lot has changed though because today you are able to get copies of your Pennsylvania adoption records, birth certificates, Pennsylvania death certificates, criminal records and much, much more.

Each and every single state today has their own version of the freedom of information act. As a result, some states make it difficult while other states make it extremely easy for you to obtain copies of personal public records. But you do not have to go to any public office in order to obtain them because you can get them online. You can easily search Pennsylvania court records online, find Pennsylvania criminal records, divorce decrees, search property records in Pennsylvania or just do a statewide Pennsylvania background check.

Whether you are a business or a private individual, making use of public records just makes more sense. Individuals use them all the time to find out what information is being kept on them and to find out if there are any mistakes in the records which can effect their daily lives. This is why you should check your own criminal records online. You can also find sex offenders in Pennsylvania, lookup inmate records online, find people in Pennsylvania or just lookup county public records. You can do all this with access to public records online.

Business loves using public records when hiring new employees because it saves them time and money. Many businesses use them to weed out those applicants which they definitely will not hire which frees up a lot of time and save them money in the process. You don’t want to really hire anyone with a criminal history this is why you should check criminal conviction records in Pennsylvania, police records, vital records, search Pennsylvania arrest reports and more online.

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