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Ohio can be found on the eastern part of the Midwestern United States and shares its borders with several other U.S. states. To the east is Pennsylvania while Michigan can be found to the northwest. To the west is Indiana, Kentucky is to the south and West Virginia is to the southeast. Also view Oklahoma, New York, North Dakota, New Jersey and others.

There are more then 11.4 million residents in the state of Ohio which makes the state the 7th most populated state in the Union. In land area though, Ohio ranks as the 34th largest state in the nation and spans a total of 44,825 square miles.

There are many nicknames used for Ohio which include “The Buckeye State”, “The Mother of Presidents” as well as the “Birthplace of Aviation” and “The Heart of it All”. It was admitted to the Union on March 1st of 1803 as the 17th U.S. state. Both the largest city and the state capitol of Ohio is Columbus.

It was back in 1974 when the United States Congress first drafted the freedom of information act. This bill was passed based on the concept that one has the right to know the information that the nation is keeping on them. With the passing of this bill it was made possible for anyone in the nation to obtain copies of their own individual personal records. You can access your own criminal history online as well as search Ohio vital records, lookup criminal conviction records in Ohio, search property records and much more with the access of public records online.

However, in the first draft the act will put many limitations on to what could be considered one’s right know. The good news is though, that many changes to the bill have been made so that today you are able to obtain access to public records on all types of information including Ohio birth and adoption records to Ohio circuit & county court records, search driving records and Ohio criminal records.

Of course while the freedom of information act is a federal right, throughout the years every single state has developed their own concept of what is one’s right to know. As a result of some states make it extremely difficult in order to obtain access to this public information while other states readily give it out. Thanks to the Internet though, you’re able to obtain copies of public records with ease. You can easily search Ohio police records, find Ohio arrest records, find sex offenders in Ohio, do a statewide Ohio background check on a person or just lookup a person in Ohio. You can do this with access to Ohio public records online.

With so many different reasons to choose from with regards to wanting to obtain public records, it is impossible to go over them all. Some people like the concept of being able to see what type of background information is being kept regarding them, while others may want to fix something wrong with the public records which has been affecting them. This is why people check their own criminal history online to make sure its correct. You can search through business records online, criminal court dockets, lookup past addresses of people or just search criminal offender records online. The choice is yours.

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