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North Carolina can be found along the eastern seaboard. The state is bordered by a number of other U.S. states as well as the Atlantic Ocean. To the south you will find both South Carolina as well as Georgia, Tennessee is located to its west while Virginia is to the north. Also view Alabama, Oregon, Rhode Island, Louisiana and other states.

The current population of North Carolina is a little more then 9.2 million residents which makes the sate the 10th largest population in the nation. With regards to land area, North Carolina is the 28th largest state which features 53,865 square miles of land area.

The state of North Carolina is known by many different nicknames but perhaps the two most popular ones are that of the “Tar Heel State” and the “Old North State”. It was admitted to the Union back in 1789 as the 12th U.S. state. The capitol of North Carolina is known as Raleigh while the state’s largest city is that of Charlotte.

The United States Congress believed that each and every single person in the country had a right to know what type of information that the many levels of government were maintaining. As a result of this belief, in 1974 the freedom of information act was passed.

When the bill was first passed, it was severely limited as to the types of information that you access to. However, over the years much has changed and so has the freedom of information act which has allowed you to be able to obtain North Carolina birth certificates, death as well as North Carolina marriage certificates and even court, criminal and adoption records. Its easy to search court records of state of North Carolina, find criminal background reports of people, do a North Carolina background check or just search for a person in North Carolina. This is easy with access to North Carolina public record databases.

Each and every single state in the nation has its own version of the freedom of information act and while some states make it extremely simple for you to obtain records, other states make it an impossible task. Luckily though, you can bypass all of these difficult issues simply with the click of the mouse. You can look up sex offenders in North Carolina, search police records, find arrest reports in North Carolina, search criminal backgrounds of your neighbor or just search for North Carolina criminal court convictions online. It’s also easy to find peoples arrest records free too.

When you choose to make use of the available public records you are making a good decision. Businesses and normal people have been using them to make well-informed decisions that effect their everyday lives. It just makes sense to pick an employee who has not been known to steal or to find a renter who is not prone to damaging things. Make the sound decision and that is to make use of these public records on a regular basis to make your life a little easier.

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