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In the northeast part of the United States you will find the state of New York. The state is bordered by both New Jersey along with Pennsylvania on its south. To the east you will find Connecticut, Massachusetts as well as Vermont to the east and it also shares its northern borders with the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Also view Delaware, Alaska, South Carolina, Louisiana and other states.

New York has a population of almost 19 ½ million people currently calling it home which makes the state the 3rd largest in the nation. However it is no where near that with regards to land area because the state of New York only covers 54,555 square miles making it the 27th largest state in the Union.

It is known simply as “The Empire State” and New York was admitted to the Union back on July 26th of 1788 as the 11th state. Its capitol is Albany, but as everyone knows, the largest city is that which shares its name; New York.

It was 1974 when the freedom of information act was passed. The U.S. Congress believed that there was a need to allow the citizens a right to know what information was being maintained regarding them. Today you are able to obtain copies of these pubic records.

The original creation of this act however was not as we know it today as there were many limitations on what was considered one’s “right to know”. Today however, one can obtain information ranging from court and criminal records to birth and adoption records. Its easy to search New York criminal records, New York court records, find sex offenders in New York, look up New York arrest records, criminal convictions, search circuit and county court records or just do a New York background check on someone. Its easy when you search New York public records online

While it is completely possible for you to go to any government office in order to obtain the information that you’re looking for, it is important to remember that every state has their own laws regarding what is one’s right to know. In order to bypass all this all you have to do is make use of the Internet in order to obtain your records. You can also check peoples arrest records and convictions too.

No one is perfect, and sometimes are public records may have errors or omissions in them which can affect your daily life. Like this and many other reasons you have turned to the Internet to obtain copies of your public records to determine what is wrong, what needs to be rectified as well as the type of information the your local government has been keeping on you. You can lookup property records in New York, find public police records, search New York birth records online, search marriage records, lookup New York vital records online or just find a person in New York. You can do this with access to public record searches.

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