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The state of New Jersey is in the northeastern United States. It is bordered on its north by the state of New York, the Atlantic Ocean can be found to the east, Delaware borders to the southwest while Pennsylvania is located to the west. Also view Texas, Maine, Hawaii, Tennessee, Kansas, Maryland to get a more accurate complete check of someones criminal activities.

The 11th largest state in the United States is that of New Jersey which boasts a population of more then 8.6 million residents. While it may have a high population, the size of the state is almost the smallest in the Union with only 8,729 square miles of land area making it the 47th largest state in the Union.

Also known as the “Garden State”, New Jersey was admitted to the Union on December 18th of 1787 to become the 3rd U.S. state. The largest city in New Jersey is Newark whereas the state capitol is Trenton.

It seems as if every single level of government maintains various pieces of information regarding the citizens of the country. In 1974 at the freedom of information act passed allowing each person the right to know exactly what type of information that these levels of government were maintaining.

What you understand the freedom of information act to be, did not always exist in this fashion. When the original act was drafted and passed, it put some serious limitations with regards to the types of information that you’re able to obtain. Today though, you can get all types of records including New Jersey birth and death certificates as well as New Jersey criminal records and New Jersey court records.

Making use of the Internet in order to obtain your personal public records is very important because each and every single state has their own concept of one’s right to know. Since some states make it hard and some states make it easy for you to obtain your records, doesn’t it make more sense to get them online or somebody else has already done all the hard work for you. That’s why you can easily search New Jersey arrest records, lookup inmate records in New Jersey, search public police records, search peoples criminal arrest history, do a New Jersey background check on someone or just search vital records online.

There are many reasons why one could want to obtain these public records. From a personal standpoint, you may just want to know what information the government has been keeping about you. This information may also have some how affected your life and if incorrect you need to be able to rectify it. This is why you should also do a background check on yourself to make sure the information is accurate. You can also search New Jersey public records to locate sex offenders in your area or do an address search to find felons. You can do many things with public records. You can search county court records, find birth certificates to build your family tree, view death certificates online or just find a person in New Jersey you can do it with access to this public information online.

Businesses too make use of these public records in hiring new applicants. Just having the right information that one needs to make a sound decision makes sense no matter how you choose to look at it.

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