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Nevada is the home of Las Vegas and is found in the southwestern part of the United States. Its borders are shared with several other states including California on its west, Idaho and Oregon to the north, and Utah along with Arizona to the east. Also view these states New York, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and others to make sure a person doesn’t have a record in another state.

The state of Nevada is ranked the 7th largest U.S. state with a total land area of 110,567 square miles. As far as its population goes, the state of Nevada has more then 2.5 million full-time residents but that number fluxes regularly due to the casinos.

It is known by its official nickname of the “Silver State” but also has several other nicknames including the “Sagebrush State”, as well as the “Battle Born State”. It was admitted to the Union on October 31st of 1864 as the 36th U.S. state. The capitol city is Carson City while the largest city is of course Las Vegas.

The freedom of information act was introduced in 1974 under the belief that everyone has the right to know what type of information that the government was maintaining about them. Before the passing of this act it was impossible to obtain copies of these Nevada public records, but today just about anyone can obtain access to them. It’s so simple now aday’s to do a criminal background check on a person.

What you think of being your right to know today is not what it was when the original bill was passed. Luckily though, the bill has been amended throughout the years and today you’re able to gain access to public records such as birth and death certificates as well as court records, criminal records and adoption records. You will easily search Nevada criminal records online, find Nevada court records, search divorce decrees, lookup criminals in Nevada and much more with access to these Nevada public records online.

Making use of the Internet in order to obtain your personal records is very important because each and every single state has their own concept of one’s right to know. Since some states make it hard and some states make it easy for you to obtain your records, doesn’t it make more sense to get them online or somebody else has already done all the hard work for you. So you can easily search Nevada police records, find Nevada arrest records, lookup sex offenders, search county and circuit court records or just do a Nevada background check on a person.

As a business, you may need to hire a new employee that needs to be trustworthy or maybe even as a landlord you may need to find a new tenant. No matter how you choose to look at it, making use of the available public records to help you make a smart decision just makes sense. Don’t hire a new employee or accept a new tenant without them. This is why you always need to search a persons criminal history, lookup criminal court records or just find out personal information about someone online. You can also easily find a person in Nevada with access to these public records online.

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