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If you are an employer who is hiring people, then you should conduct a criminal history background check online of all the people you are going to hire, in the interests of your organization and its employees. If you are hiring a nanny for your child, or a tutor, or help for elderly citizens you also should conduct a criminal history record check. One of the easiest ways to lookup a persons criminal offenses is to search criminal records by social security number.

When you enter a person’s social security number in a public record database, you will get information of his name, age and address. Conducting a criminal background record check is a step further. You can use the social security number and find a persons police records, prison records, public criminal court records and more. The state keeps public records of criminals, sexual offenders, those who use violence, drug trafficking, driving violations and the like.

The criminal record database contains all public background information about the persons criminal history and when you enter a person’s SSN, if he has been convicted or even hauled up for any criminal offense, the criminal offender records will show the crime. However if you do not know the persons SSN you can do a criminal history record check online by entering the persons name, age or any other details you may know about the person in the search box below.

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