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Located in the northeastern United States you can find the state of Connecticut. To the east you can find Rhode Island, Massachusetts is to its north, and New York makes up its western borders. To the south is the Atlantic Ocean. Be sure to view some other states such as Indiana, Michigan, Texas, California, Florida, Maine, South Carolina to obtain a complete and thorough check on someone.

The state has a population of 3.5 million residents and is considered to be the 29th most populated state. The total land are of the state is relatively small being that it only covers 5,543 square miles making it one of the smallest states in the Union ranking in at number 48.

Connecticut has many nicknames as it is not only known as “The Constitution State, but also as the “Nutmeg State” as well as “The Provisions State”. It was the 5th state added to the Union. Its larges city is Bridgeport while the capital of Connecticut is Hartford.

The biggest first step that was ever made with regards to obtaining access to Connecticut personal records was the passing of 1974 freedom of information act. The U.S. Congress believe that everyone has the right to know what type of information was being maintained by the various levels of government. Now its easier than ever to search Connecticut criminal records online, search Connecticut court records, find Connecticut inmate records, criminal background check and more.

The original creation of this act however was not as we know it today as there were many limitations on what was considered one’s “right to know”. Today however, one can obtain information ranging from court and criminal records to birth and adoption records.

Sure, you could always go out and start listing all the different government offices which maintain these Connecticut public records. Of course then again seen as though each and every state has their own concept of the freedom of information act, this can prove to be a daunting task for anyone; especially if you’re trying to obtain records out of state. This is why so many people have turned to the Internet in order to get copies of peoples personal information. You can easily search Connecticut property records online for free, find criminal records in Connecticut, Connecticut criminal background check, find a person in Connecticut and much more with these access to public records.

Irregardless of whether you want to fix some type of error or omission in your public records, or even if you are just curious as to what things the government has been keeping track of, you’re able to do so thanks to your right to know with regards to the various pieces of information that the government has been keeping on you.

If you’re a business owner, or even a landlord, making use of public records will help you to make a well-informed decision about a new applicant that you may be hiring, or allowing to move into your rental. You can easily search tenant records in Connecticut, search Connecticut birth records online, find public police records, search arrest records Connecticut and more.

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