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Dating is very common among teenagers and adults. It could be for fun and at times, it could turn into a serious relationship and you might have thoughts of marrying and making your date your life partner. Before taking such a big step, it would be wise to conduct a background check on the person your dating or planning to marry. You can find out if he/she is already married, find out if your boyfriend/girlfriend has been married before and also see if someone has been divorced earlier but has not told you about this fact.

While dating, there could be times when your date’s actions might arouse suspicions in your mind about his/her character.

  • If your date doesn’t take your calls on frequent occasions and calls you up later or insists on meeting you at fixed places at fixed times then there could be a possibility that he/she is married and does not take your calls when his/her spouse is around and meets you only when the spouse is not at home.

In order to confirm any doubts and satisfy yourself that you are dating the right person and who is not already married, you can conduct a criminal and marriage background check on the person. If the person is married, then his/her marriage will be registered in the Marriage Records Registry. You can visit your Vital Records Office, Health Dept Office and the County Clerk of Courts office in your locality and check records of marriage of the concerned person.

However, it could also be possible that the person must have married in some other state. For that you can log on to the website of the state government’s vital records and look for links to public records. Once you reach the link, you can enter the full name of the person, birth date and if possible the social security number and complete past history of the person will appear on the screen. You can check his/her criminal records, any sex offenses registered against the person, arrest and court records, marriage and divorce records and a lot of other information. From this, you can gauge the character of the person and find out if somebody has been married before or if your boyfriend has been divorced etc.

There are also private companies that have websites that have large databases of public marriage records. You can pay them their fees and extract all find out information about the person who you are dating. You can see if your spouse has been married and find out if your husband/wife has been divorced before but not talked about this to you. You really don’t know about a person until you find out for sure. You could find out if your spouse has children from another marriage and not telling you by checking divorce records and marriage records online. You can check how many times a person has been married, this is very important information and you should find out about a person before you marry them.

One more option is contacting private detectives and hiring them to find out the background of the person you are dating and check if he/she is already married or not.

It is important to do a proper check on the person you are planning to marry as this is one of the biggest and most important decisions of your life.

  • Other searches you can perform on Google:
  1. Look up marriages by social security number : Searching a person’s marriage record by their social is a quick and dirty way to find out if someone is really married or not. Not to mention finding a person’s marriage record by SSN is one of the best ways to check if someone got married or is married to someone, because the social belongs to only one person. This will help you to easily find marriage records by maiden name as well, because you know the person’s real name because you have their social security number.
  2. Ways to find out if someone is still married: Performing this search on Google will help bring up some free websites to look up if a person is still married to someone else or if they’re divorced and can still marry.