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With the tremendous rise in crime rate, it has become very essential to be very careful before associating with a new person be it in business or personal relations. At times, when you move to a new neighborhood, you might want to check out a person’s background in your neighborhood so as to ensure the safety of your family members.

Generally, when you want to look at somebody’s criminal record or get a background check the record will let you see the full name of the person, birth date, gender, and the number of times the person has been arrested, the charges pressed against the person, convictions and charges where the person was not found guilty, basically you will be able to check out peoples rap sheet. For every crime committed by the person, it will list the date on which the crime was committed, the date on which the person was arrested, place of crime committed, and the court where the trial was held.

In the case of violent crimes, it will give records of rape, murder, assault, child abuse and cruelty against animals. In case any firearm had been used at the time of the crime, it will also be recorded. If it is a case of child molestation, the age of the child who was molested when the crime was committed will be mentioned.

When it comes to crimes related to property, the criminal background record will show details of burglary, shop-lifting, trespassing into another person’s property and destruction, the amount and cost of damage caused.

Coming to traffic offenses, the criminal record will cite instances of drunken driving, driving recklessly and causing damage to property and people, driving without having a license and driving when the license of the person has been suspended. Small offenses like parking at no-parking zones or speeding tickets are generally not mentioned in this record.

Drug-related crimes such as possession of illegal drugs or buying and selling of prohibited drugs are also mentioned in a criminal record. Then, there can be cases of fraud, tax evasion, and other crimes which are listed in the criminal record of a person.

You cannot get access to criminal records that have been sealed by the court. Also, note that crimes committed by adolescents who have paid for it by doing community service will not be found in a criminal record. Civil judgements, matters related to bankruptcy and creditor actions also do not appear in a criminal record.

Hence, you can clearly see that checking a criminal record of a person or if you just get peoples rap sheet that can provide in-depth information about the person’s past background and character. You can then take a very informed decision while dealing with the person.

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