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At some point in your life, out of various reasons, you might need to investigate peoples background online. It might be someone you want to hire, but are unsure of their past, it might be your new dating partner or the neighbor across the street. You might as well need an online investigation in order to find out a long lost friend or to spy on your partner if you suspect them to be having an affair. The reasons can be many, but whichever the case is, you can either pay someone to do “the dirty work” for you or you can do it yourself. Keep on reading for some tips and tricks to a successful online investigation. All you need is some time to conduct the background check and an internet connection. An online investigation service is not necessary, as you will see how easy it is to play detective a little bit. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the time or the will, you can use such a service.

First of all, find out what you want to investigate. What you want to find out about a person will determine both the things that should be done from there on and the costs of doing an investigation on someone, if you are working with an online service. These services are paid depending on what you want to know out of the online investigation. There is no need to pay for irrelevant information. If you know the person’s social security number you can check someone’s record out by their social security number online very easily.

If you go on your own, you can access many websites to check somebody’s history and to learn more about a person. Their are many valuable and free websites online that will help you to find out someone’s real name or lookup peoples contact information online, such as finding a person’s address, looking up someone by their telephone number and how you can find out who is the owner of an e-mail address. The birth date is also available for some of the persons listed on the website. If you want to go further with investigating someone, you have to pay a fee. Paid resources usually include someone’s criminal background, access to court records, information about their home value or about their family and neighbors and more.

In order to find out information about a person, start with what you already know. Put down everything you know about the person you are investigating. Don’t neglect to note down aspects you might consider irrelevant such as that person’s interests, names of relatives and friends, places he frequents or even details about their pet. Take this list and start searching the web for various combination’s between the aspects you wrote down. If you are lucky, you will find something that can offer you a clue for your investigation, such as a forum, a job database, a site offering free hosting or even a blog.

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