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What To Do If My Identity Has Been Stolen?

How Can I Prevent My Identity From Being Stolen?

How Do You Find Out If Your a Victim of Identity Theft?

How Do Identity Theft Protection Plans Work?

How To Fix My Credit After ID Theft and Fraud?

How To Report Identity Theft?

What’s the Stats on ID Fraud?

What are Some of the Different Types of Identity Theft?

Best Websites To Prevent & Protect Yourself From Id Theft

Q:How to prevent identity theft?
A:Protecting your identity can never be 100% guaranteed, however their are some ways to protect your identity that are easy and help alot. Because most people will search Google everyday wanting to know how to “protect my ID”, so be sure to check out the list of things below that will help you to protect your id, prevent fraud under your name and safeguard your information. This will help you to learn how you can tell if your identity has been stolen and how to prevent fraud under your name.

1.)Vital records such as birth certificate, social security cards, passports and other items that have your personal information on them leave at home. Don’t carry these very important documents around in your purse, wallet etc.

2.)Bills and other mail that you receive that has account numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers etc make sure you shred or burn these items before putting them in the trash.

3.)Make sure you burn or shred any checks that you may have from your bank.

4.)Do not give anyone your personal information over the phone.

5.)Do not carry pin numbers of your bank account in your purse or wallet.

6.)Do not ever give out your personal information in emails that includes emails from paypal and your bank. These could be email scams that may look legitimate but are really nothing but a identity theft nightmare waiting to happen.

7.)Get a mailbox that has a lock on it. This can help from preventing curious people from snatching your mail and stealing your sensitive information.

8.)If you pay with a credit card at the store make sure you shred or burn your credit card receipts.

9.)If you frequently use your debit or credit card for purchases in person make sure no one is looking at your card and hold your hand over it to prevent people from looking at your credit card numbers.

10.)While making purchases online be sure to check to see if the website is secure. You will know if a website is secure by seeing a ssl in the checkout process. You may also see a lock in your browser as well. Other things to look for would be if the website is mcafee secure. Just be sure to deal with trusted websites because you are giving out tons of vital information when you make a online purchase.

Q:How to check for identity theft and fraud?
A:If you want to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft, then you need to protect yourself and know if your a victim of id theft or not. You can see if someone has stolen your identity by checking your billing & bank statements, check your credit report to see if you have any suspicious activity on your credit history and be aware of your financial situation by keeping accurate records and reporting any unauthorized charges.

Q:How does identity theft insurance work?
A:Usually credit monitoring services and insurance to help prevent id theft cover your legal fees, costs associated with making phone calls, some policies pay your lost wages but most, if any identity theft protection services will pay for lost money. In other words these identity theft protection plans typically only pay for legal expenses and the hassles of getting your credit fixed after someone stole your identity.

Q:How to resolve identity theft issues?
A:If you have had your identity stolen and you need some help to fix your credit after id theft don’t worry I am going to do my best to show you how to fix your credit report after fraud and what you should do if your identity has been stolen.

1.)Get a free annual credit report and if necessary file a fraud alert on your credit report at that time.
2.)List which accounts have been compromised and make sure to contact those institutions
3.)Notify your creditors and bank that someone has stolen your identity and file a dispute on any unauthorized charges to your accounts.
4.)File an identity theft complaint with the FTC
5.)If you have fraud or a identity theft protection policy make sure you notify them as soon as possible

Q:How do I report identity fraud?
A:If you are a victim of id theft then you need to report fraudulent activity under your name as soon as you notice it. Here are some places you can file complaints of id theft and how to report that your id has been stolen.

1.)Contact credit bureaus and file a fraud alert on your account
Equifax – Fraud line 1-800-525-6285 | Experian – Fraud line 1-888-397-3742 | TransUnion – Fraud line 1-800-680-7289
2.)Contact your financial and banking institutions and let them know that your id has been compromised.
3.)File a police report with your local authorities
4.)Contact FTC to report id theft.

Q:What are the statistics on ID theft?
A:One in 20 Americans will have their identity stolen.

Q:What are the different types of identity theft?
A: 1.)Character ID theft – This means someone impersonates you and commits crimes in your name etc. 2.)Someone steals your social security number and obtains a job in your name 3.)Medical – Someone takes your identity and obtains prescriptions and or medical insurance in your name. 4.)Drivers license ID theft – Someone obtains a drivers license in your name and commits traffic offenses in your name and doesn’t appear in court and warrants could be issued in your name. 5.)Credit id theft – Someone gets credit cards in your name, loans etc

Q:What should I do if someone has stolen my identity?
A:You need to do certain steps to report that someone has taken your Identity. Then I suggest that you take some action to keep people from stealing your identity and conducting fraudulent activity on your accounts and under your name.

Top resources about ID theft protection & prevention

IDTheft.Gov Learn more about your rights if you are a victim of id theft, learn how to report the theft of your identity and more resources from the government.

ID Theft Resource Center Learn tips to prevent your identity from being stolen, take id theft tests, view local and federal resources regarding id theft and more.

USDOJ ID Theft Fraud Prevention Find out what the most common ways to commit id theft are, what you should do to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, what you should do if you become a victim of id theft and more.

FTC Identity Theft Website This is one of the best websites to help to prevent id theft, help safeguard your information against data thieves and a great resource to help you to avoid id theft. This website has many tools to help you in your fight against fraud and id theft.

OnGuard Online – ID Theft Learn what to do if your personal information has been compromised, how you can report id theft and more ways to prevent your identity from being stolen.

FTC complaint assistant This is one of the first websites you should visit if you feel you are a victim of id theft. This website will help you file a complaint with the FTC about your identity being stolen.

Suspicious Emails and Identity Theft From IRS This is a must read for people that file tax returns with the IRS. The IRS has issued several consumer warnings about the use of the IRS logo and name in emails scams to steal your identity. This will show you how to protect yourself against email/phishing scams online. This website will give you ideas on how to protect your social security number, your identity and what to look for in email scams impersonating the Internal Revenue Service.