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Find Records Fast:


You can find out if a person is married a few ways.

  • Ask the person if they are married or not. Never hurts to try.
  • View the local county county clerks office where you believe the person was married at and ask to view records of marriages.  If you know when about’s the marriage took place then you can sift through the public marriage records and maybe find the record of the marriage.
  • View marriage announcements in the newspaper of the city where you believe the person was married. This will take quite a bit of time. However, you can get lucky and see the marriage record or announcement in the paper.
  • If you don’t have any idea of where the person may have been married or when then you can conduct a marriage background check on the person by accessing public record databases. These databases compile millions of marriage records that you can easily search and find the record in less time. You can find these marriage record databases easily online by doing a Google search for marriage background check.
  • Find the person’s profile on Facebook and see if it shows if they are married or not.
  • Ask around! Ask people that know the person if they are married or not.