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Find Records Fast:


You can find out if someone is in jail a few different ways.

  • If you know the county where the person lives or where you believe the person was arrested you can contact that police station or sheriffs department. Once you make contact with the police station or sheriffs dept. then you can tell them the person’s name and see if they have any information on them.
  • If you suspect the person is in prison then you should view the BOP and use the inmate locator.
  • Visit the state website where you believe the person is incarcerated at. You can easily find this website by using Google and typing in the name of the state.  Once you are on the state government website then view the Department of Corrections area of the webpage. Once your on the Dept of Corrections section of the state website then look around for a link that will say inmate locator or offender search. Here is an example of the Indiana Dept of Corrections website and there offender search.
  • Ask around! Ask people on Facebook if they know if the person is in jail or not. Ask the person’s friends and family members if they have any info on where this person is locked up at.

Further Details:

I’d recommend first that you ask people that know the person if they are incarcerated or not. Then if you can’t get any information from them then visit or call the police department where you believe they may be in jail at.