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Be Wary Of Reading Arrest Records Information – Don’t Jump To Instant Conclusions

There is an ongoing debate between privacy advocates and information seekers like potential employers regarding the subject of access to peoples arrest records. Privacy groups claim that this information should not be released easily because people are apt to jump to erroneous conclusions on the basis of wrong or incomplete data.

The current practice is for law enforcement agencies to maintain arrest records whereas details of arrests that result in criminal charges or convictions are kept with the controlling court of that jurisdiction.

It’s a common misconception that all arrest records are available to the public. You will not have access to information on arrests for which no charges were brought or for those that result in actions that were sealed, expunged or pardoned. In addition, records concerning juveniles are not available to the public. This sometimes makes it very hard to learn how to find out if someone has been arrested, because the arrest may not have resulted in a conviction.

Some records even have expiration dates and are unavailable after that point. This is mostly used in the case of misdemeanors. Even if charges were brought and a conviction made, you might not get accurate information. To begin with, you need to know in which specific court to look in. To add to the confusion, names are commonly misspelled or changed. Sometimes the charges are filed under the person’s nickname and if you do not include that in your search criteria you will not come up with results. This gives some people a bad feeling and has some people wondering how do I find out if someone has a warrant out for their arrest or if a person is really a criminal or not.

Another common problem is that people can have similar names or even dates of birth as a criminal. You have to be absolutely sure that you don’t take a wrong call on the basis of this misunderstanding. In this case you should also do a mugshot search of criminals to make sure its the correct person. You should also check with the many free background check websites to get a background check done.

If you really want to see if someone has been convicted of a crime before or has any criminal arrests on a person you might have to spend a lot of time and effort searching through every courthouse record. There exists arrest record databases that will allow you to access public records to