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how to check someone's criminal records free

Criminal background checks are very important and people are doing them for many reasons. Doing a criminal background check is not at all a difficult task and you can do it easily online. Some websites will let you check a person’s criminal record for free on the Internet but if you want credible information you will have to pay for it.

You can do a criminal record check request online within a few minutes. It can be very beneficial to people like an employer who can check the criminal record of a person before hiring him/her. Online criminal background checks save your time money and effort. In order for you to do a background check on somebody you will need to know some basic information about that person such as their full name, birth date, state(s) they have lived or are currently residing and a bit of cash and time.

Steps you need to take before doing a criminal background check-

Step 1
Visit the websites that can help you in performing a criminal search. You can find a website or service that does background checks by doing a simple search in Google for a background check. Also I recommend that you visit your states Justice Department Website and or the FBI record check requests websites.

Step 2
At most websites that offer a search function you just have to enter the name of the person in appropriate boxes. You have to write both first name as well as the last name. If you know the state then you can include that as well. If you are not aware about the state then you can leave it blank as well. But adding state will narrow your search. After adding all information click on the search button.

Step 3
If you have found the person you are looking for then just see the code and this code will tell you about the offense of that person. “Bv” is the code that is used for behavior, “Bu” is the code that is used for business, “S” is used for sex related crimes, “D” is used for drug and alcohol related offenses, “V” is used for violence, “T” is for theft or any kind of robbery and “O” is used for traffic or any other kind of violations. Just by seeing the code you can see the offense of the person.

Step 4
If you want to know more about the offense then just click on the button “view details”. You will get all the information like case number, offense code, offense type, description, disposition of the case and date reported.

Step 5
If you have found no results by using all the above steps then narrow your search by clicking on the button of the “Advanced Search”. After clicking this button you will have to add more information like middle initial, ZIP code and city etc. You can also search a person’s criminal records by county name, date of birth or age and social security number if you happen to have this information as well.