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Find Records Fast:

When one is convicted of a crime, it usually finds its way into the public record in many states.  The database that has all this information is maintained by the National crime information center. This record can only be accessed by law enforcement agencies, unless one makes a personal request. Aside from this it is still possible to make a criminal background search through the state or through a commercial service.

To run a criminal background check using public records you will need to know who you are searching for.  Depending on the amount of information that you provide in regards to the person you are checking on will determine the level of information you will get. To have better results, you should include social security number, first and last name, gender, present and previous addresses, fingerprints if available and date of birth.

It is possible for you to run a criminal check on yourself.  You are allowed by the FBI to make a search to determine your own criminal record.  To have this you will be required to submit your application form along side with fingerprints and processing fee. This can be done easily now by visiting the FBI website and making the application there. You will find there all the necessary information that you might require.

You can also make get a record check using local law enforcement agency.  All you require to do is to consult with your sheriff office and they will have the criminal records checked on an individual. You can also look online and conduct free background checks online.

The national sex offender public website is another option to consider when looking for offenders in your state. This information is usually available to the entire public. You can access this information from the sex offender website or through the law enforcement agency.

Finally, you can also use a commercial service provider to run a criminal background check.  You will find other options available for you to use.  Keep in mind that this might attract a fee.