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free criminal arrest records search

There could be many reasons for you to want to do a free criminal arrest records search. In case you want to employ a nanny for your child, you wish to get into business with people you meet online, your daughter is planning to wed her boyfriend or you want to appoint a dance teacher for your child or any other reason, you would want to be sure of the person’s character and want to have a look at the person’s criminal record to put your doubts to rest.

Firstly, you need to know some basic details of the person; his/her full name, birth date, and the city or state where the person has been residing for the past 8-10 years. Then, you could check at the local county office, court houses, and even the local newspaper’s archives to find out details of somebody’s criminal arrest record.

If doing the search manually seems difficult and time-consuming, then the Internet is a powerful medium to access data. You can search on the state’s public safety or state police website and look for any links to criminal records of people residing in the state. You could have a look at criminal record of people online, the number of times he/she has been arrested and convicted and whether the person is out on parole. A fee might be charged for the service provided by the website. However, remember that a state would have records of crimes committed and tried in that state only. So, in order to get the details of someone’s arrest record and convictions of an individual in another state, you have to log on to that particular state’s website or get their consent and do a fingerprint FBI check.

Rather than going through such a tedious exercise, you can go to websites of private agencies who keep public records database that provide information about the complete criminal background of the person, of any crime that the person must have committed in any state, and any convictions that the person must have faced. These private websites will have to be reimbursed for their services.

If you research well on the Internet, you can even come across sites that provide information for free. For that you will have to spend some time on the Internet and search for various sites with the help of Google. There are sites like family watchdog that give specific details of a person’s past sexual offenses and you can learn how to do a free background check on someone too. This information is useful in instances where you are planning to marry your daughter to her boyfriend who is not very known to you.

With so many resources available today, it is possible to check out someone’s criminal arrest records for free with much ease as compared to earlier times.

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