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Unless you are an extremely organized person there is a very high likelihood that you will forget all but the most important birthdays. This can cause you a lot of embarrassment particularly when you are not in a position to ask the other person outright. Lots of friendships have been broken because one person felt that the other person was neglectful of them by failing to remember a birthday. You can easily solve this problem if you just know how to look up someone’s birthday on the internet.

The best place to look is in to find someone’s birthday. This is a website where you can look up people’s date of birth at no cost to you. Obviously, you will only get the data if the name exists on the database but you should give it a try. You have to key in the person’s first name and last name as well as estimated age and if the database contains this name you will get an answer. This birthday database does not do very well for younger people, but if the person you are looking for is older, you might very easily find a person’s birth date online.

Social networking sites come into great use for finding birthdays. Most people include this in addition to other details on their profile page. Look through their MySpace or Facebook profile and if their privacy settings permit it, you will get the answer you seek. Facebook has a very useful feature which is a special widget on its page alerting you to the birthdays of people on your friend’s list.

If these methods don’t work, you could always go to a website where you could pay for the information. Naturally, you are assured of better results. and are websites that conduct these searches for you. The information is not free, but you will be willing to pay for it you really want it. Besides, it doesn’t cost too much to get information about when someone was born because it is very basic.

You will learn how you find someone’s birth date online by accessing websites to look up someone’s birthday on the internet. There is so much data posted online that we can amaze ourselves at the sheer amount of information we can retrieve. Whether we use free sources or pay to get the information, there is no denying the fact that the effort we put in is definitely worth it if we can save a friendship. Just remember to note down birthdays in the future so that you don’t have to take this trouble again.