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Public records is information that has been recorded on the state, local and federal levels of government. It is typically vital records, property records, criminal records, census records and basically any information that is filed with the local, state and federal governments. The public information is made possible by the Freedom of Information Act. Each state has their own laws and ways to access public record information.

Their are usually charges such as administrative fees and or subscription fees to access records, but it depends on your state and local laws.

Access state public records or top resources for each state.

Top resources

Alabama Sex Offender Search – Search for sex offenders by name, zip code and county. You can also get the updates on felony fugitives, missing children and you can sign up for email subscriptions to get alerts.

Get your vital documents in Alabama – The Alabama Department of Public Health will provide you access to your vital records. Records such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates and divorce certificates. This is the best website to access vital records in Alabama.

Alabama background check – This ABC system is great for employers who qualify to do background checks on prospective employees.

Top resources

Alaska background check program – Do a background check on people in Alaska by using this online program provided by the Alaska state government. The Alaska background check unit provides you answers to common questions, applications, information about statute and regulations and more. This is the best website to do background checks in Alaska.

Sex offender / Kidnapper registry This is a central registry that you can search for sex offenders in Alaska, kidnappers and get more information about people convicted of sex offenses and much more.

Alaska vital records – Get your vital certificates such as birth, death, marriage, divorce and more on this website. You can easily order a copy of your birth certificate or any other certificate online.

Top resources

Arizona criminal history check Visit this website to find out more about how to do a background check on someone in Arizona. This is the official Arizona Dept of Public Safety website.

Arizona sex offender search Use this website to find sex offenders in your area of Arizona. The sex offender registry contains level 2 and level 3 convicted sex offenders. You can find out more things on their Sex offender FAQ section and learn things such as what are the requirements of a sex offender if he changes his address, how can I obtain more detailed information concerning a particular conviction and more.

Arizona vital records Find out how you can get your birth certificate in Arizona and other vital records such as marriage certificate, death and divorce certificates.

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