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Find out if someone i know is locked up in prison

In order to find out if someone has been to prison, you need to follow some instructions. Some websites claim to offer you the records but the best way to find inmate records is with the help of the government. The task of learning how to see if a person has been locked up before or not is easy with the help of the government is quite simple but some people consider it as a difficult task. By following proper instructions and guidelines you can check prison records online.

Now the question is how can you get information about the criminal history of a person? The answer is simple and easy.

First you will have to go to the BOP website. You can then use the inmate locator to see if someone you know is in prison or to just check out convicted criminals records. For this you should have sufficient knowledge about the criminal like the criminal’s full name, his date of birth or you can find an inmate by ID number etc. If you have knowledge about other information then it is an added benefit for you as that can help you to find out what crimes a person has committed. The database that is available on the government website provides you with the list of all the crimes. If you are interested in how to find out the crimes a person has been convicted of at the national level then you can do a FBI record check on someone.

Or you can do a search in Google to check out someone’s criminal convictions by doing a online search.

Just enter the required information in the webpage that contains the criminal records like name of the criminal, date of birth etc. If you enter a wrong name, then a message will be displayed like “No match was found”. When the positive match is found, then you will get the required information on your email.

Then the next step is to contact your local law enforcement official in order to obtain extra information concerning a particular conviction and further details that will help you to find out why someone was sent to jail.

You will face some problems if you use only the first or last name to find out the criminal history like you may find many people having the same name. Then the question arises how you find out the particular criminal record. In such situation you can get the assistance of your local police department. The police provide you the exact information about whether an individual went to prison or not by using the fingerprint comparison.

Be careful while finding these records because some fee is associated with each record request. For accessing the criminal database the fee lies between $20 to $30 and that has to be paid to the state government. However, sometimes you can do a free background check on a person.