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How to get a copy of marriage records

How To Search For Marriage Records and Get a Copy of a Marriage Certificate

Suppose your marriage certificate is lost or you are in need of the marriage certificate of any family member for your family history or for government record etc then you can easily get the copies of the marriage certificate.

You have to follow the proper procedure for getting the marriage certificate and the steps are-

Step 1
Procedure for you to get a copy of your marriage certificate or someone else’s varies from state to state or from county to county. If you want to see the best results then first of all contact the Vital Statistics office or the Department of Health of the state where the person’s marriage has occurred. If you are unable to find marriage records at the Vital Statistics office or in the Department of Health of the state then contact the Vital Statistics office or the Department of Health of the county where the person’s marriage took place.

Step 2
Forms are there through which you can apply for a marriage certificate. These forms are easily available on the county or state’s government website. So you can download these forms from the website and can request a marriage certificate.

Step 3
After filling the form just submit it and if they are charging any kind of administrative fees for the copy of the marriage records then pay that fee. They will mail your marriage record to you.

Step 4
For obtaining the important records you should get the help of a private agency. Vital Check Express website works with the county or state agency and can help you a lot in getting a certified copy of your marriage record. Other websites offer databases online to view someone’s marriage record and in turn they charge a modest fee for it.

Step 5
You can find out when someone got married or even see if a person is married and other information that can help you to find out about a marriage for your family history on genealogical websites. Websites such as the National Archives, Family Search and Access Genealogy can help you to find a marriage certificate for genealogy research and access to their information is sometimes free of cost. So you can log in on the Internet and you will be able to see a copy of someone’s records easily by just entering a few details.

Tips and warnings
You should know that the state and the year of the marriage as you will need this information while looking for a person’s marriage records or your own. This will narrow your marriage records search.