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Do you have a suspicion that a person of your acquaintance has a shady or even criminal background? You could put an end to your doubts one way or another by doing a search for someone’s criminal background to check for any prior arrest or conviction. You also need to see the criminal mug shots of people to make absolutely sure that this is indeed the same person you are looking for. It is easier than you think to lookup mug shots of criminals online free.

You just need to identify the best websites to find mugshots online for free that you could use. There are public and private websites that let you find mugshots online and you could access them from the privacy of your home. You don’t even need to fear that the other person gets to find out that you are conducting an investigation on them.

All you need in order to get details about a person’s criminal history is some basic information such as name and date of birth. You can narrow down your search if you have information on the county or state where the crime was committed. It is very difficult, but not impossible to conduct a nationwide criminal search on an individual since it is very common to have lots of people sharing the same name. That’s why you need to look at mugshots of sex offenders and other criminals that you don’t want around you.

Lots of state prison websites give you detailed information on their inmates through easily navigable criminal offender locator features. You can find out about such things as criminal inmate mug shots, general information, offense and OID number.

You could also look for information about someone at the website of the county or city jail. Since privacy laws vary for each county you may not get much information regarding detainees who are pending charges or conviction. The purpose of this is to protect the privacy of a person who may not be guilty after all. You will, however, get information about criminals incarcerated within the system.

These methods tend to be cumbersome and you will find them time consuming. You could always take the assistance of private agencies to find criminal mug shots free online. These websites to search mugshots of criminals are very effective because they are able to get precise public information irrespective of which state or county the person was incarcerated in. You will be provided with lots of information including a criminal mug shot and convictions as well as pending charges if any exist.

Needless to say, this data comes at a price, but you will find it well worth your while because of the savings they offer in terms of your time and effort. Because usually when you want to know how do I find mugshots or where can you find mugshots of criminals in your zip code then do a search online, but remember free isn’t always best. Usually you get what you pay for, so if you are able to look at pictures of inmates or criminal mugshots for free then sometimes you will get inaccurate information, because it is free.

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Inmate Locator Online – Lookup federal inmates online and view their criminal history and what they have been incarcerated for. Also look at federal inmate mugshots and search them by prison id number, name and more. This is the best website to find inmates on the federal level.