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Find Records Fast:

Find out if someone has been arrested for a DUI

Step 1

Gather all kinds of information that you need. Write them on a piece of paper. Information that you need includes-
• The name of the city and name of the county where the person was arrested for drunk driving
• Time of the day when the crime had happened
• Name of the arresting officer
• Time of the day when the person got arrested

Step 2

After knowing the name of the county and the city, perform the Internet search by using any of the search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google to see whether that county or city has records online or not. If they do have records online then you don’t have to search anymore. Just take the print out from the Internet or order whatever you need. You can pick your order afterwards. The site will provide you the telephone number and the address of the place from where you can pick your record. This record will let you see if someone has been convicted of a DUI or any other crime.

Step 3

Arrest records location will completely depend on the place where they have arrested the person for a DUI. If the person has been arrested within the city then you can get your record at the city police department but if you have been arrested outside the limits of the city then your record will be available at the county sheriff’s office. You can call the police department of your city and can inquire about the fees as well for the time that is required for obtaining the copies of a persons police report and DUI arrest record.

Step 4
After some time, some of the public records will be shifted to the county courthouse. Before going to the county’s courthouse make a call and inquire about the processing fees and time. Doing this will make sure that you can check out a person’s driving record and find out if someone has been convicted of drunk driving.

Step 5
If your record is available at the police department of the city or at the sheriff’s office then before going there just make sure that they do have your record and do inquire about the turnaround time and the fees. You can pick these records during the business hours.

Few warnings and tips
• You have to show identification of different types like driver’s license, employment identification, Social Security card or some other kind of identification.
• Before leaving read the report and make sure that the report does not contain any kind of error. Error can be like spelling mistakes or something else and if your report contains any kind of error then try to resolve the mistakes and if they are unable to resolve it then take a written statement from them. This will assure you that you can easily find out if someone has been arrested for a DUI and you can check out a person’s arrest record too.