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Find Records Fast:

People often want to find convicts, convicted criminals and felons in their neighborhood for many reasons. For example if someone just moved into the area then knowing about that person’s background is critical, if your wanting to move into another part of town and if a person is appointing a nanny or a babysitter etc. That is just a few of the many reasons why you should see if someone is a felon and or criminal in your area.

In all the above cases it becomes extremely important that the person should have a clean background. Doing a criminal background check on a person will save you from a lot of trouble in the future. In the past getting the information about someone’s criminal charges and records was not at all an easy task but with the passage of time it has become easy to figure out someone’s criminal history.

  • Lots of free government websites are available online that can provide you the information related to criminal records. You can search Google and find the state or city or county criminal justice division websites to find out about a person’s criminal record. EX: “John Thomas Tampa, Florida Criminal Justice Division” or instead of criminal justice division type in background check or criminal records and or whatever type of record you are looking for. Then once you find the website then you will look for links about doing a background check or a link to search for convicts by zip code etc.
  • If you are not aware about the website or unable to find out about the person on the website then you can perform a search on Google by just typing the name of the person in quotes and the city where he has lived. If the arrest of the person was published in the newspaper then you can discover it easily by using Google. You can also use Google to find conviction records by using the same procedure, except put the keywords conviction records or criminal records in quotes with the person’s name and city state. EX: “Jim Roberts San Antonio, Texas Conviction Records”
  • Some websites charge a fee for providing these records. They include all kinds of records like birth records, death records, criminal records and marriage records etc. The fee is charged because they need money for maintaining the website and to keep their records up to date. The websites that charge for this information have genuine and authentic records. It may be possible that the websites that do not charge a fee can give you outdated records. If you want to look into your neighbor’s criminal record then you can do this as well. There are websites available that give information on neighbor’s record. These websites will tell you that the neighbors who are residing next to you are criminals or not.
  • If you are unable to find criminal records online then you can opt for other options like visiting the local courthouse. You can request for the public records from them. If this does not work then you can hire a private investigator. They are quite efficient and can handle the whole process that is from start to the end effectively.