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A birth record is a very important document that can be required for various reasons, a prominent reason being when you have to make a passport. Other than that, you might wish to find out when someone was born such as family members and relatives who have passed away so that you can draw up a family tree. Whatever be the reason, you can get access to birth records easily, especially if it concerns you or a close family member.

In case you know the place of birth, you can visit the local county office of that place and ask for the address of the vital records office. Go to the vital records office and submit a request for a copy of the birth record of the person. You need to provide the full name of the person as well as his/her nicknames. If you have additional information such as the date of birth or the year, then it would be easier to extract the birth record of the person.

If this doesn’t yield results, you can use the Internet to find peoples birth record. Various websites store public records containing different information such as birth, death, marriage and divorce, and even criminal history of a person. There are government websites as well as private websites. Try few websites and you will achieve success.

At any of the websites, you will need to provide the full name of the person, nicknames if any and whatever additional information you can provide such as the place of birth, the date, year or a span of years between which the person was born. Once you have provided this information, then the website will search for the birth record in its database and provide it to you if they find it. They will charge a fee for it that could be anything between $20 and $50 depending on the amount of information you want. If you wish to know in depth details such as the time of birth, the hospital where the birth took place, names of the parents of the person, etc, then the fee would be around $30. However, if the website is not able to provide the birth record, then there is no need to worry as there are several websites maintaining huge databases of public records. Trying out 2-3 websites will yield fruitful results. However, do not expect to get someone’s birth records free online or offline.

There are also certain genealogy websites that specially maintain only birth and death records of people residing in the US. Through these sites, you can look for birth records of your forefathers and create a complete family tree.