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If you want to find out the death date of your family members, then here you will get sufficient information. Generally, people are interested in death records of their family members for the purpose of genealogy research. There are various ways by which you can get death records to build your family tree. For this, you need to have some vital information like full name of the individual, city or state etc. Other information is also beneficial for you to find out when a family member died for your family tree.

Firstly, you can access genealogy websites. After reaching a particular website you can search the death records by entering the vital information like first name, last name and probable location of death etc. in the form provided on that website. These websites offer the official government documents such as certificates of death and published obituaries.

You can go to your local library and look at old newspaper obituaries to find out when someone died. If you have some idea about the place where your family member had died then the local newspaper can be the best option. Many news papers offer the search facility on internet, so this method will be quite beneficial for you. But some local newspapers don’t maintain websites, so in that case you will have to reach their office and make a request to find the death date of your beloved ones. Alternatively, you can also obtain these records through various religious institutions like churches as they maintain death records too. You can ask them to find out death records for you. In this way you can easily find out the grave of your family members as well as other relevant information regarding their death. These religious institutions don’t charge any fee. Last but not the least; another option is to ask your existing family members as some people keep the death information in books or in some safe place. Most family members will know where your family is buried or atleast help you find out where some of your family members grave sites are.

Some websites also provide the relevant information regarding the death date of your beloved ones. You can reach these websites with the help of Google Search. You can also make a request for finding death records in the vital records office. These offices charge some fees according to the type of records and number of records you want to find out. Social security number is beneficial in the process of searching death records. Confirm your search from various places in order to find out the exact date of death of your family members.

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