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  • You will have a criminal record if you have been convicted of a serious crime or felony.  This means not only will you have been arrested for a criminal offense but you would have been convicted of this criminal act as well. You will probably have a felony on your criminal record if you had to serve jail time or if you were sent to prison. When people do a background check on you or if you wonder if you have a criminal record, most likely you do. Just because you have been arrested doesn’t mean you will have a criminal rap sheet, you have to be convicted of this crime in a court of law.
  • Another way to be totally sure is to get criminal records of oneself from your local police department or get a background check done on yourself from a private company or get your federal criminal record.

Further Details:

You can reflect on your past. Think of anytime in your adult life that you’ve been convicted in a court of law of a criminal offense. If you have not had this record expunged you most likely have a criminal record.

Charges and court cases as a juvenile will not show up on your record as an adult. Unless, you were charged as an adult. Then the results of your criminal history may be uncertain.