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It is imperative that you check the criminal background of a person that you are dating and planning to marry, while appointing a baby-sitter to be sure that he/she is not a child abuser, when you employ new people in your office and for various other reasons. At times, you might want to conduct a criminal background check on your neighbor when you are shifting to a new locality. You must feel assured that your family is safe in the new neighborhood as there can be people with criminal records staying anywhere who could be a threat to you, your family and your business or workplace.

How Can I Check Someone’s Criminal History?

How Does a Background Check Work For Employers and Employees?

How Far Back Do Criminal Records Go?

How Can I Do Free Background Checks Online?

Can You Check Peoples Criminal Records Online?

Can I Get a Copy of My Background Check?

What Information Do I Need To Do a Criminal Background Check At The Police Station?

How Can I Find Convicted Criminals in My Area?

Are Criminal Records Free To Public?

How Can I Search Criminal Records By Name?

How Can I Check My Criminal Record?

How Do I Check Information on a Criminal Case?

Best Background Check Websites/Criminal Resources

  • How Can I Check a Person’s Criminal Record

To check a person’s criminal record, you can visit the local county courthouse, local police department and submit a request for a background check and or to search through public criminal court records. A small fee could be charged to allow you to search their records and you must need the person’s consent to do a background check on them. Be sure to ask the county clerk or an officer at the police station the exact requirements for a background check in your area. Another better option is to log on to the public safety and or criminal justice websites of the local and state government. Here you will get information of criminal history of those who have committed crimes in that particular state. You can easily find these websites by doing a search in Google.

You need to find out as much information about the person as you can. This will make it easy for you to find out someone’s criminal history simpler and quicker. The more information you have about the person, the better it is. You must know the full name of the individual as this is the foremost criteria. Then, if you know about his/her birth date and the social security number of the person, it could help making the search easier for you. However, remember that when you search on local and state government websites, you will get information of the crimes committed by that person in that state only.

In order to do a complete criminal history check of a person nationwide, you must go through the public records that are maintained by many private companies on their websites or search every states government website or do a FBI record request. The private companies gather information from many sources and then provide it to you at a fee. This is a very good option as you get to know of any crime that may have been committed by the person in any state, and whether he/she was convicted and you can find out if a person served time in prison.

By conducting a criminal background search online, you save a lot of time and effort in visiting the local police stations and courthouses. A lot of information on the criminal history of a person can be gathered online in no time flat.

Use the resources available on the Internet to check peoples criminal background who seems doubtful or is new to you and might work at your home or in office or for various other important reasons and clear your doubts and stay in peace.

  • Employment Background Check

A job seeker has to fill an application form for employment and for a record check. Jobs where camp counselors, day care workers and any other kind of jobs where a trust worthy person is required to manage children and or have a high responsibility level need a criminal record check performed on them. This is done to ensure that the person they are hiring is genuine. Applicants have to fill out the application form and get a criminal record check done. While filling the form you have to write the full name, any aliases that you have used earlier including the earlier married names or maiden names. You have to submit the driver’s license number and the Social Security number.

Employers take the assistance of law enforcement agencies to check peoples criminal records. A criminal background report request form is given to the job applicant by the employer and he/she fills the form and takes it to the police station. Job applicants do all the paper work, pay the fee and give their finger print. The employer usually reimburses the fee when the person’s record comes clean and is hired.

Social security number, criminal database and finger prints are matched by the law enforcement agency. Fingerprints are taken by the police officer. The officer who is in charge of records scans the fingerprints of the person in the computer and sees if they match. Officers check for arrest records and outstanding warrants. They also check for sex crimes so as to ensure that the person has not done any sex related crimes in the past and he/she is not a sex offender.

Employers can use private background checking agencies rather than using the law enforcement agency. There are employers who need other information as well and due to this reason they outsource this kind of background checks to the companies who specialize in background checking. These kinds of firms use public records and other information to search for the employee. On these websites you can search all kinds of records in all states so that they can get full information about the background of an employee. This kind of information is very helpful for the employer.

You have two ways to search for peoples background information. Online or going to the police station and doing it the old fashioned way. With the internet you can do a search on peoples historyquickly and easily.

  • How Far Back Can You Get a Person’s Criminal Records

Criminal record checks generally go back to 70-80 years. Different states started maintaining criminal records at different times. Many states started maintaining criminal records from the 1930s while some started later. So, if you are looking for information on any person who is around 50-60 years old, you are most likely to be able to procure his/her complete criminal record. Criminal records are now generally kept till the person dies or crosses 100 years of age.

Criminal records are easily available to government investigating agencies and courthouses. For the general public, too, criminal records can be accessed by them but it is possible that certain parts of the record might be confidential and not given to the public. However, the basic and main information such as the crimes committed by a person in the past, arrest warrants against the person, and convictions, if any can be accessed by the public if someone is checking the criminal record of a person for a genuine and legitimate reason.

There are certain records that the concerned authorities might expunge and seal them off and then they are not accessible by public. These are records that are not meant to be given to the public for use. These are usually juvenile records and other sensitive data that has been sealed by a judge.

There are many websites on the Internet who specialize in maintaining huge databases of criminal records of people residing in the US. This data is often used by private detectives and the general public can also access them by paying a modest fee. So, at times, if you fail to generate a criminal record from government offices, you must log on to these private websites that have various sources from which they collect immense data and store. They might be able to provide you with information that might relate to very old times. It is better to go for websites that charge a small fee rather than for the websites that let you search criminal records free; as information offered by the free websites might not be very accurate and complete.

These days, it is very normal for people to look for criminal records of others they wish to associate with but are unsure of the person. If you wish to employ a nanny for your child, put some person on a job in your office or plan to marry your daughter to her boyfriend, then it is advisable to conduct a proper criminal background check on the person and check his/her criminal record to be sure that the person is genuine and of good character.

  • Top Resources

Pre Employment Criminal Background Check Excellent website for information about your employee’s rights and yours when it come’s to looking into someone’s background. Learn more about FCRA compliant background checks, to what extent an employer can consider your criminal history in making hiring decisions, lie detector tests, medical records, military records and more.

Dept of State Criminal Record Checks Learn more about requirements of getting a background check done for travel reasons.

FBI background check How to get a federal criminal record check done. Learn the requirements, how long it takes to get a FBI background check done, what are the fee’s of a background check FBI and more.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Use this website to locate inmates and information about people who have served time in prison. You can get details about a person’s criminal convictions, inmate information and more.

Family Watchdog This website lets you look for sex offenders in your area, get detailed information about a sex offenders convictions, sign up for email alerts and more.

Free Background Check allows you to search public records for free to check out someone’s background. See if they have a criminal record, been arrested or even married. Search by state and or record type.

  • How to run a free background check online

When you are looking to take in a new employee in your office, planning to marry your son/daughter to his/her fiancee who is not very closely known to you, wish to employ a private tutor for your child or just to find out who your neighbor is, you can put your doubts to rest, do a background check on someone your suspicious of. Doing a criminal history search gives you complete past records of the person, criminal history, arrest records and convictions, any sexual offenses registered against the person and various other details.

You can visit the local police station or courthouse and submit a request for a background check report on the concerned person and to learn how to find charges against someone. To get accurate information about a person it is imperative that you have as much information about the person as possible. Some of that information includes the full name of the person, date of birth, social security number, where the person resides, race and any other details you may have. Having the person’s social security number will make the search process easier and quicker. Different states have different laws on how they do background checks. There are some that provide criminal searches for free while some might charge a very nominal fee.

The same process can be also conducted online. There are several websites that store vital information about individuals residing in either a state or even the entire country. You will have to spend some time on researching for an appropriate website that could be owned by the government or by private agencies. You can log on to the Federal Bureau of Prison’s website to check out criminal records, while going to the Family Watch Dog website can lead to details of sexual offenses committed by a person. You will find websites that let you do background checks free but in most cases, the information that is provided for free is limited. For an extensive background search, you might have to shell out $15-$50 which is quite nominal considering the purpose you want it for. There are sites that permit you to conduct background checks on several persons if you pay an additional $10.

All you need to do is spend some time on the Internet and search for websites by typing in the full name of the person and the kind of record that you are looking for in Google, MSN or Yahoo. You could simply type in the name of the person and “background check + city and state” and a large number of websites will appear onscreen. There are various states that have websites that let you do criminal checks on people. Logging on to the website of the state’s law enforcement agency can yield fruitful results.

Another way to do a free background check on people is to go to Google and type in their name plus their city and state. EX: “John Smith Miami, Florida”. Then you can search the various websites that come up and look for information. Also check social networks like twitter and facebook, also chat rooms, blogs and any other website that shows up with the person’s name on it you should check it out. This can be very time consuming thats why I suggest you start off with our top rated resources and then do free background checks with Google.

  • Can I check a person’s criminal history on the internet

Yes, the best place to search for someone’s criminal background is by using a search engine, preferably What you can do is type in the person’s name, their city and state and what your looking for. EX: “Tim Green Indianapolis IN Criminal Records” You should also take a look at our top resources.

  • How to get a copy of your criminal history report

It depends. If your doing a local criminal check at the police station then you will receive a copy of your criminal background from the police station or in the mail when you submit your background check application. If your doing a FBI background check on someone or yourself then you will have to mail that information in and you will receive a response through the mail.

You can do a background check on people on the internet and typically receive an almost immediate response about somebody’s criminal records and their history. You can usually find a reputable website to do criminal searches online for a nominal fee.

  • Information I Need to Do a Criminal History Check at the Police Headquarters

Every states laws are different. However you will definitely need your proof of identification such as your state ID and or social security card. You will also need written notarized consent from the person you want to do a background check on and a small amount of cash to get a background check done on somebody.

Some common alternatives to checking peoples criminal background at the police department are doing criminal checks online. Doing a criminal records search online saves time and is more convenient, that is why more and more people are running criminal checks on individuals on the internet.

  • How Do You Find Criminals in Your Town and Neighborhood

Their are a few ways you can find felons and criminals in your zip code and town.

1.)Locate your states Justice department website by using and typing in your state and justice department. (EX: Indiana justice department) Once you find your states justice department website, then you can typically find a link to find criminals in your area and or to find out if someone is wanted by the police. Your states justice departments website will have tons of information about how to protect yourself from crime and how to find out if someone is a convicted criminal and more.

2.)Look at your newspapers police blotter and public criminal court case records, almost every local newspaper puts this information in the paper. This makes it a bit easier to track people who have been convicted of felons and crimes.

3.)Visit our top resources and find convicted felons and criminals

  • Are Criminal Records Free For The Public To Access?

Yes and no. You can find free public criminal records of people by gaining access to public record information at the county clerk of courts office but they may charge you administrative fees, fees for copies etc.

Also criminal court cases are public record and can also be found at the county clerk of courts office. You can also view your local justice departments website for more information on doing a free criminal records search online or offline. You can also check the police blotter and local newspaper for information about arrests and court trials etc.

In other words you can do free background checks and get criminal records free sometimes but it does take quite a bit of work.

  • Look up criminal records by a person’s name

It’s not hard at all to find out someone’s criminal history online or offline by their name. When you do a criminal check on someone sometimes you can get access to federal arrest records, a person’s felony convictions, find out why someone got sent to prison, look up criminal charges, see if someone is a registered sex offender and more. You can find out all about someone’s rap sheet and criminal arrests and convictions.

Here are a couple of ways you can get criminal records of someone.

1.) Go to your county clerk of courts office and file a request to view public criminal records of that individual. You can access criminal court cases, felony charges of people, criminal arrests and more.

2.) If the person is willing to let you check their criminal record then you can file a background check request at your local police station or do a FBI background check.

3.) If you need to discreetly search a person’s criminal background by name then you can do that online by accessing criminal record databases. These databases compile data of a person’s criminal convictions, charges, arrests etc from all over the country and make it really easy for you to check criminal records of someone online almost instantly.

  • How Can I Do a Background Check on Myself

You may be asking yourself “Do I have a criminal record?” or “How do I check my criminal record for free?” These questions come up alot.

It’s pretty easy to check your own criminal record online or do a background check on yourself at the local police station. Many people want to know how to find out if you have a criminal record. You, meaning YOU.

You can do a criminal record check on yourself online by doing a Google search for background checks. You can find many websites that offer free background checks or paid FCRA compliant criminal checks. I suggest that you visit your states Justice Department website for a link to do criminal checks on people and yourself. Also you can visit the FBI website to do a FBI background check. Or you can just visit your police station for a criminal history report of someone or yourself. You will not be able to look up criminal records for free of someone or yourself and get in depth information. 100% free background checks just don’t exist.

  • How can I search criminal court cases

You can search criminal case numbers at your states/county courthouse’s by visiting the clerk of courts office and gaining access to public record information. Or you can choose to search criminal court records and cases online.

So, what you need to do first is decide if you want to go downtown to your court house and go through all that hassle of searching public criminal court cases or do you want to find out how to do a criminal case search online.

If you elect to go downtown to your courthouse you will have to file a request with the county clerk of courts or depending on what level of degree the criminal case is you could have to visit the state courthouse for access to public records. It’s just confusing and alot of time. However if you want to check public criminal cases on the internet you can do a search in Google for your county/city/state and type in criminal court case search. EX: “Houston, Texas Criminal Case Search” most of the time you can find your states website in the first few results. Just look for a .org, .gov or .us extension on the web address. These usually mean they are non for profit or the official government website. EX: this is for a Maryland judiciary case search.