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Question: How can I do a background check by SSN?


The reasons to run a criminal history on an individual varies, it could be because you want to employ a new nanny, housekeeper or any one that you will have to entrust your home or business to. To know in detailed information about the person you will be giving this access is to of great importance. A criminal background will go a long way to giving you peace of mind.

To check, all you require is an internet connection. Visit any of the major background check websites on the internet, there you will find series of search options. You can do a background check with social security number or do a background check by name.

It is also quite possible for you to complete a criminal search within the judiciary case of a state where the person lives in. You can access this information by visiting your states government website. All you need to do is to know the website, log on to it and locate the links that are tagged as courts, background check or those written as judiciary. Clicking on this button will direct you to that portion of the website where you can conduct the criminal history search. The search will access all the court records within that state. This will enable you to conduct a background check free.

Another alternative is to hire an investigator. All that you require to provide the investigator with is the last name and the social security number of the individual you are interested in making a research about. To locate a private investigator you can either check up on your local phone directory or just type in private investigators, your city, your state and Zip code into a search engine or see amazing result.