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Could you be the victim of identity theft? You might find out the hard way when your name comes up for a background check. People commonly run background checks against others when they are looking to employ them. Some people also run a criminal check on someone to ensure that new people they meet don’t have anything unsavory in their past. Meaning, you don’t want to really hire someone when you find out they have a criminal history or an felony arrest record. You can find out this if you check a person’s arrest records on the internet.

You too can do a background check by name if you suspect that someone has committed a crime in your own name. You can perform these checks discreetly and with very little effort. It’s wise to every now and then to do a arrest warrant check on yourself and a criminal background check on yourself too. This way you will know if someone has stolen your identity and done fraudulent things in your name.

You probably know that arrest warrants are issued for misdemeanors such as unpaid traffic or parking fines. They can also be issued for failure to appear in court or to comply with terms or bail or parole. The first place to look for warrants is the state’s Department of Justice or Attorney General’s office. You can do this by filling out forms and paying a fee after getting fingerprinted. The forms are easily available on the internet and you should get a reply within three days.

You might even find details of a warrant with the local court house. They are a matter of public record and the information is easily made available that’s why you can easily check arrest warrants free sometimes. Details of an arrest warrant search may not feature on the court’s websites so you may have to go to the court house in person to look through their records. If you are lucky, the particular court will have a computerized database. If not, you will have to wait while the court clerk accesses the information you need. This is one of the hardest ways to look up arrest records and records of peoples warrants.

Wherever you look to find arrest warrants for free, make sure that you have adequate details with you. Keep your Social Security number, address and date of birth handy because you will not get proper search results with only a name unless the name is entirely unique. This will help you to find out how do I search arrest warrants online. You can get arrest warrants by social security number, by a person’s date of birth and of course get an arrest warrant check by a person’s full name.

If you wish to skip the effort entirely, you could find a website that lets you search for arrest records and warrants. You could go online to conduct do a background check arrest record search. They do not cost very much and will come with a wealth of detailed information. The biggest advantage of using private record websites is that they will search across different courts and databases. You will find it difficult to do this on your own because each court keeps data only of issues under their jurisdiction.

You will need to sort out the issues of any outstanding warrants against your name because it will hamper your employment prospects and cause you many other problems. So if you want to know how to find arrest warrants then now you know.