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State of Kentucky Public Records

Court Records & Resources
Kentucky Circuit Court Dockets Search Kentucky Court of Justice Circuit Court dockets online. Lookup court dockets in Kentucky by date and county.
District Court Docket Search Kentucky Lookup court dockets in Kentucky by district courts. Find Kentucky district court dockets by date and county.
Supreme Court of Kentucky The justices, as a panel, hear appeals of decisions from the lower courts and issue decisions or "opinions" on cases. A case, which comes before the Supreme Court, is not retried. View the link for more information about how the Supreme court works and gain access to resources and information.
Kentucky Court of Appeals Nearly all cases come to the Kentucky Court of Appeals on appeal from a lower court. If a case is tried in District or Circuit court, and the losing parties involved are not satisfied with the outcome, they may ask for a higher court to review the correctness of the trial court's decision. You can view more information about how the court of appeals works in the state of Kentucky and gain access to records.
Kentucky Court Records Find Kentucky court records by party name, search for records by case and citation. Lookup Civil, Criminal and Domestic Violence court cases. Narrow court record cases by plaintiff, defendant, attorney, county and divisions.
VINE Court Service Victim Information and Notification Everyday.
Map of All County Circuit Court Clerks Offices Easily find Kentucky county clerks offices. Lookup clerks office by area code and view the map for easy contact information.
Kentucky Supreme Court Opinions Easily search Kentucky Supreme court opinions in pdf format. The Minutes published by the Supreme Court of Kentucky in the last year are posted here in full text.
Drug Court Learn more about what the Kentucky drug court is, who is eligible, the process and what happens after drug court. Their is also family drug court and Juvenile as well.

Criminal Records & Resources
Internet Crime Against Children Learn more about the task force that fights Internet crime in Kentucky.
KY Most Wanted View pictures and details of Kentucky State Police most wanted fugitives. These fugitives have active Kentucky arrest warrants reports.
Megans Law Kentucky KRS Chapter 17 Megans Law. View in PDF format.
Sex Offender Registry Search the state of Kentucky sex offender registry to locate sex offenders in Kentucky by your zip code, city and county. The information contained in the sex/criminal offender registration database is primarily provided by the offender when they register with the Department of Corrections or the Division of Probation and Parole. Also view sex offenders within a specified area of your home, business, school or other address. This makes it really easy for you to find sex offenders in your area of Kentucky.
Background Check Forms Access background check forms in Kentucky for Commercial guide license, employment background check forms, adoption, foster care, minors, long term care facility, housing and more record check forms Kentucky.
Crime/Traffic Data Easily view Kentucky state police annual reports for traffic and crime in pdf format. You are able to access these reports by the Kentucky State Police, through its Computer Technologies Section, Records Branch, and Uniform Crime Reporting staff.
Criminal History Checks The Administrative Office of the Courts offers criminal history background checks to individuals, businesses, licensing agencies, government entities and others for a nominal fee. When you do a Kentucky criminal history search you are accessing their Database CourtNet that enables you to access misdemeanor and traffic cases online. Also Kentucky felony records from 1978 to present day. This makes it easy to lookup felony arrest records in Kentucky and search for felons.
Kentucky State Police The state police of Kentucky was established in 1948 by act of the Legislature. You can view the website for resources and information such as the registered sex offender search, Kentucky arrest warrant lookup, forms, downloads, view cold cases, employment opportunities, Kentucky criminal record checks and more.

Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce)
Vital Record Index These vital indexes make it easy for you to search Kentucky vital records. Search the marriage record index, divorce index, death etc.

Locate Kentucky County Public Records

Easily locate reports and records like the ones below:

  • Access Kentucky court records

  • Find sex offenders in the state of Kentucky

  • How to find criminal records in Kentucky

  • How to locate marriage records

  • Access to certified copies of birth certificates

  • Find divorce records in KY

  • Retrieve county court records online free in KY

  • Lookup inmates in KY prisons

  • Find a person in Jail

  • Find a person in Kentucky

  • Conduct a criminal history record check

  • Find death records

  • Find criminal offenders in your area

  • Find out the criminal record of someone in Kentucky

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    The state of Kentucky shares its borders with seven other states in the Union and can be found situated in the Appalachian Mountains. The state of West Virginia is to the east with Virginia to the southeast. Tennessee can be found to the south while Missouri is situated on the west. Illinois as well as Indiana share the northwestern border while Ohio takes up both the north as well as northeastern borders.

    There is currently more then 4.2 million residents living in Kentucky which makes the state the 29th most populated i the Union. It is also the 37th largest state in the nation with 40,409 square miles of total land area.

    Kentucky is also known as the “Bluegrass State” by people living in the state as well as all over the nation. The capitol city of Kentucky is Frankfort while its largest city is none other then Louisville. It was the 15th state admitted to the Union back in June of 1792.

    The Freedom of Information Act was initially drafted back in 1974 under the belief that everyone has the “right to know” exactly what type of information that the various levels of government maintained on the people. In its initial form it was very limited but none the less it allowed people to obtain copies of the records kept and maintained by the government.

    Throughout the years since its inception, a number of changes have occurred to the act before finally making it into what we know of today. Now a days you can seek out copies of all forms of data including court records like lawsuits and criminal charges as well as family records like birth, death and marriage certificates. You can easily search Kentucky criminal records online, find court records, search property records in Kentucky, lookup sex offenders in your area of Kentucky or just do a KY criminal background check on a person.

    Of course you also need to take into account that although the Freedom of Information Act is a federal statute, each and every single state has their own versions of it. As a result, in some states it can be relatively simple to obtain copies of public records while in other states it ca become an almost impossible task. Thanks to the many advancements of the internet though seeking out copies of these records is no longer a difficult task because today they are but a mere mouse click away. You can search criminal court records in Kentucky, find a person in Kentucky, search vital records and statistics, search Kentucky marriage records, criminal conviction records online or just search for criminal offenders in your area.

    It is good to know that irregardless of your reasons for wanting to obtain public records, you can now do so with ease thanks to the World Wide Web. You can have access to all this with Kentucky public records online. You can perform criminal background checks on people very easily by doing a Kentucky public records search online.

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