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State of Kansas Public Records

Court Records & Resources
Kansas Judicial Branch Access to Kansas court resources and information such as case opinions, court rules and forms, court of appeals docket search, Kansas court statistics, search court records by county and more.
Kansas Supreme court docket search Arguments begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and resume in the afternoon promptly at 1:30 p.m. Concluding times vary, depending on the complexity of the cases being heard. The week's docket lists each case to be heard and the time allotted to each case.
Kansas court of appeals docket search Easily lookup Kansas court dockets by date of release, docket number, search court schedules and more.
Kansas district courts The state of Kansas district courts are trial courts. The district courts of Kansas have general original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, including divorce and domestic relations, damage suits, probate and administration of estates, guardianships, conservatorships, care of the mentally ill, juvenile matters, and small claims. Easily find your court by county and view maps of courts etc. as well.
Municipal Courts Municipal, or city, courts deal with alleged violations of city ordinances committed within the city limits. Easily search municipal court records in Kansas, view resources and information related to your local municipal court as well.
Search Kansas district court records Subscription service for public access to find Kansas district court records online.

Criminal Records & Resources
Kansas Criminal History Checks The state of Kansas will give you and the rest of the public access to criminal history records in Kansas. The criminal record checks do cost a fee and the extent of information being release and requested by you depends on your status and the reason why you are making a request for Kansas criminal history records.
Fingerprint based record check Search the Kansas central repository of criminal history records by fingerprints and or by the persons name. The fee for a fingerprint background check in Kansas is $35. Also information and resources on how you can request your own criminal history, also how to do a general name based record check and more.
Certified Record Check Learn how to make a request for a certified record check in Kansas. Also information on how to access someone elses certified record check, request forms, find out whats not in a record check and more.
Requesting your own criminal history Information and resources on how to request your own criminal records in Kansas.
Registered Offender Search Easily find information about persons who have been convicted of certain sex, violent and drug offenses. This makes it easy to lookup sex offenders and or felons in your area.
Kasper - Offender Population Search Search parole absconders, escapees, search for inmates in Kansas by id number and more.

Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce)
Kansas Vital Statistics Information and resources on marriage records, divorce, birth, divorce, genealogy requests, adoptions and more. Request certified copies of certificates.

Locate Kansas County Public Records

Find and access records and reports like the ones below.

  • Lookup public criminal court records in Kansas

  • Find sex offenders in my area

  • Search county land records

  • Obtain copies of county divorce records decree

  • Search online criminal history of someone

  • Access marriage license records in state of Kansas

  • Locate criminals felons in my area

  • Search birth certificates records free online

  • Lookup county property records Kansas

  • Search county driving history reports online

  • Search criminal history online of people

  • RileySewardStevensWichita

    In the heart of the Great Plains you can find the state of Kansas. It is bordered on the north by Nebraska, to the west you will find Colorado, Oklahoma borders the south side of the state and Missouri can be found to the east. Also view New York, Indiana, Hawaii, Oregon, North Carolina, Ohio and others to obtain a complete criminal background check of a person from multiple states. You never know when someone may have a record in another state unless you check.

    Kansas is home to more then 2.8 million residents making it the 33rd most populous state. It is also the 15th largest state in the nation with 82,277 square miles of land area. Kansas is considered to be the slowest growing state in the nation with a large majority actually leaving every year.

    The official nickname of Kansas is “The Sunflower State” but sometimes it may also be referred to as “The Wheat State”. It was admitted to the Union as the 34th U.S. state back in 1861. The capitol of Kansas is Topeka but the state’s largest city is Wichita.

    It was back in 1974 when the United States Congress first drafted the freedom of information act. This bill was passed based on the concept that one has the right to know the information that the nation is keeping on them. With the passing of this bill it was made possible for anyone in the nation to obtain copies of their own individual public records.

    The concept of what can be considered one’s right to know has changed over the years from its original definition. With the original bill was passed, it is severely limited the types of information that one was able to gain access to. But as the concept of one’s right to know has changed so too has the understanding of the freedom of information act.

    While there is the federal freedom of information act, every state has their own version of it. For this reason, some states make it hard, while other states make it easy to obtain copies of personal records. The Internet has changed all of this because today you only need to click your mouse in order to obtain copies of this information. You can easily do a Kansas background check, search Kansas criminal records, find Kansas birth records, find sex offenders in Kansas, search public police records/arrest records and so many more Kansas public records that you can access easily.

    Every person is different, and therefore their reasons for wanting to obtain public records is also different. There are just so many reasons why everyone wants to obtain public records, but it is good to know that you can have access to them irregardless of whether you are interested in finding out what type of background information the government has been maintaining about you or even if you are wanting to fix something that is incorrect. You can do a free background check to check your own criminal history online, search death records in Kansas, find a person in Kansas find Kansas property records, search peoples criminal history, lookup an address in Kansas, check Kansas criminal conviction records and much more online right now. Do a Kansas criminal background check on someone that you are suspicious of right now.

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