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State of Iowa Public Records

Court Records & Resources
Iowa Judicial Branch Find information and resources such as the Iowa supreme court, appellate court record information, district courts, court rules and forms, online court docket searches, pay fines and more.
Iowa District Courts Map and links to resources for the district courts of state of Iowa. Find district court records, judge information etc.
Court Records Online Search Tips Tips and FAQ's for searching for Iowa court records online. Tips on how to search for court records, how to search if you don't know court case number and more.
Online docket records search Public search access to the electronic docket of Iowa's state court system. The docket is an index of the proceedings and filings in all court cases maintained by all clerk of court offices in the state. Copies of complete documents are not available on this site.
Iowa Court Case Search Search trial, appellate court cases online. The Iowa court case search results you receive are entered into the ICIS system from previous day.
Iowa Court of Appeals The Iowa Court of Appeals is an intermediate appellate court. It reviews appeals from trial court decisions that have been transferred to the court of appeals by the supreme court.
Supreme Court of Iowa The Iowa Supreme Court is an appellate court. An appellate court reviews decisions of trial courts in which appeals have been allowed. An appellate court does not preside over trials.

Criminal Records & Resources
Criminal History Records The Division of Criminal Investigation is the central repository for criminal history information for the State of Iowa. Their is a fee to make a request for a criminal history check, plus you have to mail in information. However, nice instructions on how to conduct a criminal history check on yourself or another person in the state of Iowa.
Teacher background checks State and national criminal history record check for teacher applicants. The Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is authorized to provide school districts with state and national criminal history record checks for teacher applicants. This makes it easy for school systems to find out if a teacher has a criminal history or not.
Criminal history check statistics Shows a graph of the amount of requests for Iowa criminal history checks.
Criminal Record Check FAQ's Answers to frequently asked questions about the Iowa criminal record check request process. Answers to questions such as How do I make a request for Iowa criminal history check, what is the fee for national record checks, are Iowa criminal history records public and much more.
AFIS As of June 30, 2008, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) included over 608,882 10-print cards and nearly 19,935 latent prints. AFIS is available to all criminal justice agencies throughout Iowa for use in criminal investigations. This also helps police agencies and the updating of criminal history information as well.
Iowa sex offender registry An individual who has been convicted or adjudicated of a criminal offense against a minor, sexual exploitation, or a sexually violent crime or who was on probation, parole, or work release status, or who was incarcerated on or after July 1, 1995 is required to register. This helps you protect yourself and your family from any violent convicted sex offenders. You can easily find sex offenders in Iowa by doing a simple sex offender search. View pictures, locations, convictions and more.
Iowa Amber Alert If you live in Iowa please sign up for Amber alerts. You can help save an abducted child.

Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce)
Bureau of Health Statistics Information and resources for finding and getting access to vital records in Iowa. Information such as how to make a vital record request, how to request marriage certificate certified copies, birth, death and commemorative certificates as well.

Locate Iowa County Public Records

Black HawkDecaturIdaMononaTaylor
BremerDes MoinesJacksonMontgomeryVan Buren
Buena VistaDubuqueJeffersonO'BrienWarren
CarrollFloydKeokukPalo AltoWebster
Cerro GordoGreeneLinnPolkWoodbury
Access and locate records and reports like the ones below.

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  • Obtain copies of marriage license certificate in Iowa

  • Lookup death records index

  • Search vital records statistics online

  • The state of Iowa can be found in the Midwest United States and it is bordered by 6 other states. To the northern border you will find Minnesota, the eastern border is shared between Wisconsin and Illinois, to the south is Missouri and to the west you will find Nebraska and South Dakota. In order to get complete and accurate records it is wise to check all state databases such as Indiana, New York, California, Florida, Nevada and others. This way your pulling information from multiple state databases so you can get a complete criminal background check.

    Iowa has 3 million residents making it the 30th most populous state in the nation. With 56,272 square miles of land area, the state is the 26th largest in the Union. It is located on the Great Plains making most of the state flat from one side to the other.

    Iowa is officially known as “The Hawkeye State” but may also sometimes be referred to as “The Tall Corn State”. It became the 29th U.S. state back in 1846. Des Moines is considered to be the largest city in the state and it is also the capitol city too.

    The U.S. Congress passed the freedom of information act back in 1974 on the premise that each and every single person has the right to know exactly what type of information is being maintained by the government organizations with regards to their personal information.

    While today you are able to obtain copies of birth certificates and criminal records, this was not always the case. The original freedom of information act put many limitations on what one could consider one’s right to know. Now you can easily find Iowa criminal records, do Iowa background checks, search Iowa public court records online and so much more online.

    Making use of the Internet in order to obtain your personal public records is very important because each and every single state has their own concept of one’s right to know. Since some states make it hard and some states make it easy for you to obtain access to state public records, doesn’t it make more sense to get them online. You can easily find a person in Iowa online, search Iowa arrest records, find criminal history of someone, lookup Iowa criminal conviction records online right now with access to Iowa public records online.

    Irregardless of your reasons for obtaining access to Iowa public records, it is important to know that they are available to you. You may want to check your own criminal history and while at the same time you may also want to find out if there are any errors in your public record. You can also learn how to do a background check on someone as well.

    Knowing that public records are available to you can make your life simpler. Business and everyday people have been using them on a regular basis simply because it makes sense to do so. So if your wanting to search Iowa divorce records, Iowa county marriage records, find sex offenders in Iowa, search Iowa public police records online, birth certificates Iowa, Iowa divorce records, property records in Iowa and so much more that you can right now.

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