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State of Idaho Public Records

Court Records & Resources
Idaho State Judiciary Resources and information regarding the Idaho state courts such as district courts, drug courts, family court services, youth courts, forms, opinions, rules of the courts and much more.
Idaho District Courts Access to all the different Idaho district court websites.
DUI courts Information regarding DUI court records etc.
Tribal/State Court Forum Information regarding tribal courts information and records.
Forms Access to court forms, applications and rosters. Easily print out Idaho court forms etc. for the various courts of Idaho.
Idaho Court Data Repository Search court records by case number, by name. Access records for trial cases in the state of Idaho.

Criminal Records & Resources
Offender Search Search offenders that are incarcerated or on parole in the Idaho department of corrections. Search criminal offenders by name or offender number.
Sex Offender Registry Easily search Idaho sex offenders. Access a list of sex offenders by violent sexual predators, non compliant offenders and quarterly non compliant offenders. Search the registry by name, zip code, county, city etc.
Criminal History Information The Idaho data repository is an automated database of records based on fingerprint arrest records reported to BCI from Idaho criminal justice agencies. Arrest fingerprints can be quickly searched against millions of prints in an automated file, and identification can be made from a list of candidates. AFIS also dramatically increases the efficiency of matching and identifying latent fingerprints. This system is being used for employee screening in Idaho, non criminal justice background checks. Easily do a criminal history check by name and or fingerprints.
Applicant Background Checks Non-law enforcement, non-criminal justice agencies and individuals may receive records maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). This service is often used to conduct background checks for licensing and employment screening. It also provides criminal background checks for personal inquiries. You can do a fingerprint based background check, name based check etc.

Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce)
Idaho certificates Information on how to access vital records in state of Idaho. Access information regarding Birth, Death, Stillbirth, Marriage, Divorce Certificates online.

Access Idaho County Public Records

AdamsCamasGoodingNez Perce
BonnerElmoreLewisTwin Falls
Lookup and find records and reports like the ones below.

  • Find sex offenders in Idaho counties

  • Search marriage license certificates

  • Locate birth certificates records

  • Obtain copies of divorce decree

  • Search county criminal records online free

  • Find someone in Idaho by ssn

  • Lookup county court records dockets

  • Search arrest records county

  • Search county inmate records

  • Search police records blotters online free

  • Find criminal conviction records online

  • Access criminal offender records

  • Search vital records statistics in Idaho

  • Find criminals in your area

  • Idaho can be found in the Pacific Northwest. It is bounded on 3 sides by U.S. states and on the northern side by Canada. The western border is shared between Washington and Oregon, the eastern border is shared between Montana and Wyoming while its southern border is shared between Nevada and Utah. Also consider view other states such as New York, California, Florida, Indiana to get complete and accurate information from multiple databases not just one state.

    There is a little more then 1.5 million people living in Idaho which ranks it as number 39 with regards to overall population. It is the 14th largest state in the Union which covers 83,642 square miles. The highest point in the state can be found at Borah Peak which tops out at 12,668 feet above sea level.

    Idaho’s nickname is “The Gem State”. Boise is both the state capitol as well as the largest city in the state. The nickname was chosen as a hoax, as it was stated as being a Native American name for the region which was later proven to be incorrect. It was the 43rd state to be admitted into the Union back in 1890.

    Congress passed the freedom of information act in 1974 under the belief that everyone has the right to know what type of information the government is maintaining regarding them. For the longest time it has been understood that the government has maintained various pieces of information regarding our lives, it was not until the passing of this particular bill that one could obtain access those records. You can even do a criminal record check on people if you want as well.

    The original freedom of information act limited but one was allowed to obtain. Through many changes over the course of the ears, we are now able to obtain just about any type of record regarding our personal history; including birth, criminal, adoption, as well as court records. It’s really easy to find a person in Idaho, search Idaho criminal records online, find Idaho court records, search Idaho police records, lookup Idaho arrest records and even do a Idaho criminal background check on someone.

    Obtaining copies of your personal public records is no easy task when doing it without the help of the Internet. Each and every single state has their own laws regarding the freedom of information and as a result, each state has different requirements in order to obtain access to the records. Getting them online is much simpler because somebody is already done the work for you. You can gain access to these private companies public record databases. The information is nicely organized and easy to search. You can quickly and easily find sex offenders in Idaho, felony arrest records, criminal history reports, property records in Idaho and much more online right now.

    There are many reasons why one could want to obtain these Idaho public records. From a personal standpoint, you may just want to know what information the government has been keeping about you. This information may also have some how affected your life and if incorrect you need to be able to rectify it.

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