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State of Hawaii Public Records

Court Records & Resources
Hawaii State Judiciary Great resource for Hawaii judicial records. Access information and resources such as court forms, rules, opinions, circuit court, district court, family court, intermediate court of appeals, legal references, self help information and much more.
Supreme Court The Supreme Court hears appeals that are properly brought before the court upon applications for writs of certiorari to the Intermediate Court of Appeals and applications for transfer from the Intermediate Court of Appeals. Also access court statistics, court forms, oral arguments and more.
Circuit Courts Jury trials are held in the Circuit Courts, which have general jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases. They also have exclusive jurisdiction in probate, guardianship and criminal felony cases, as well as civil cases where the contested amount exceeds $25,000. You can easily contact Hawaii circuit courts, pay filing fees etc.
District Court The District Courts of Hawaii have jurisdiction over traffic infractions, summary possession, Ejectment proceedings (landlord-tenant), regardless of the amount of the claim, civil cases, small claims cases.
Family Court The Family Courts of Hawaii hears legal matters involving children such as Delinquency, status offenses, neglect, abuse, adoption, guardianship, termination of parental rights. The Hawaii Family courts also hears domestic relations cases such as divorce, child support, paternity, child custody cases. Also domestic violence cases such as request for civil restraining orders, abuse against family members, felony charges against family members. Lots of information and resources are available.
Intermediate Court of Appeals The Intermediate Court of Appeals (ICA) is the court that hears nearly all appeals from trial courts and some state agencies in the State of Hawaii.
Hawaii Court Forms Access court forms for courts in Hawaii. Such as Appellate forms, land and tax appeal forms, district court traffic crime, civil claims and more.
JIMS CourtConnect System Search traffic court case information online.
Ho`ohiki Access to criminal and civil court case information.

Criminal Records & Resources
Criminal Justice Data Center (eCrim) Allows you to search for an individuals criminal conviction records. This search is performed by searching through criminal history files that are maintained by the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center. The price for an official eCrim report is $15.
Sex Offender Search Easily use this online sex offender search to find sex offenders in the state of Hawaii.
Missing Child Center Search pictures, names, dates etc for missing children in Hawaii. Sign up for amber alerts and help to recover children that are missing.
MAILE Amber Alert Learn more about the Minor Abducted program in Hawaii, it saves lives.
Attorney General Information and resources regarding criminal justice division, sex offender registry, Hawaii internet crimes against children and much more regarding crime and prevention in the state of Hawaii.
Crime Prevention/Justice Assistance Division CPJAD serves as the central agency to provide the Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of Hawaii, with the information and resources needed to address crime and crime prevention.

Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce)
Reciprocal Beneficiary Relationships Learn more about who is able to enter this type of relationship, how to register for reciprocal beneficiary relationship and more.
Apply For Vital Records Information on how to apply for certified copies of vital records. All applications requesting certified copies of birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates must generally be made in writing and you will have to also pay a small fee. Learn more about how to obtain a certified copy of vital records.

Locate Hawaii County Public Records

Locate and access records and reports of Hawaii public records. Easily find reports and records like the examples below.

  • Find sex offenders in Hawaii

  • Lookup county arrest records

  • Find criminal court record dockets

  • Find marriage license certificates copies online

  • Find divorce decree records

  • Obtain birth certificates records

  • Search county police records reports

  • Find arrest records warrants

  • Find death records index

  • Search vital records statistics Hawaii

  • Locate someone in Hawaii

  • Search county criminal records

  • Find criminal history of people

  • Hawaii is one of the youngest states in the Union and is located entirely in the Pacific Ocean. The closest U.S. state is more then a 4 hour plane ride away. It is in the heart of the Pacific Ring of Fire and is known for its volcanic activity. You should also view other states records because you never know where a person may have lived. You can check Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, California, Florida, Maine, Texas, Nevada and other states to obtain a nationwide criminal background check.

    The total population of Hawaii is just over 1.2 million people. This places the state as the 42nd most populated U.S. state. It covers a total of 10,931 square miles ranking it as number 43 with regards to land area. Due to the volcanic activity of the islands though, this number continues to rise annually.

    Hawaii is known as “The Aloha State”. Both the capitol as well as largest city in Hawaii is Honolulu. It was the very last state to be added to the Union back in 1959. It is popular tourist destination for many nations located around the Pacific Ocean.

    The government maintains all different types of information regarding each and every single individual citizen. Until 1974 of attaining copies of these records was not possible. However with the passing of the freedom of information act and the belief that everyone has the right to know, today you’re able to obtain copies of these personal public records. Now you can easily search Hawaii public records online such as Hawaii criminal records search, Hawaii court records, divorce records search Hawaii, birth records and more.

    However, in the first draft the act will put many limitations on to what could be considered one’s right know. The good news is though, that many changes to the bill have been made so that today you are able to obtain records on all types of information including birth and adoption records to court and Hawaii criminal records online. You can also find a person in Hawaii, search Hawaii vital records, find criminal court records, lookup Hawaii property records and even do a Hawaii background check for free.

    Of course while the freedom of information act is a federal right, throughout the years every single state has developed their own concept of what is one’s right to know. As a result of some states make it extremely difficult in order to obtain this information while other states readily give it out. Thanks to the Internet though, you’re able to obtain copies of these public records with ease. You can even do a criminal record check if you want.

    There are just so many different reasons why you would want to obtain access Hawaii public records. For your own personal reasons, you may just want to find out exactly what type of information and the government has been maintaining. At the same time you may also be wanting to find out if it is somehow affecting your day-to-day life. You could also want to find sex offenders in Hawaii, lookup Hawaii police records, find arrest records in Hawaii and a whole lot more when you search public records online.

    Irregardless of whether you are seeking public records for personal or business reasons, it is good to know that they are available to help you make the right decision based on having the necessary information you need.

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