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State of Georgia Public Records

Court Records & Resources
Georgia Judicial Branch The Judicial branch oversees all the judges in the state of Georgia including superior, state, juvenile, probate, magistrate, municipal and appellate court judges. You can view a list of Judicial publications such as annual report, Georgia courts journal, basic rules of court conduct etc. Also links and resources to Georgia court forms, judicial agencies and more.
Court of Appeals Information and resources regarding the appellate process, court docket search, court calendar, caseload statistics and more. Located @ 47 Trinity Avenue, Suite 501 Atlanta, GA 30334
(404) 656-3450 Hours: 8:30AM to 4:30PM
State Courts State courts may exercise jurisdiction over all misdemeanor violations, including traffic cases, and all civil actions, regardless of the amount claimed, unless the superior court has exclusive jurisdiction. You can also view Georgia state courts by county.
Magistrate Courts Magistrate court jurisdiction includes: civil claims of $15,000 or less; certain minor criminal offenses; distress warrants and dispossessory writs; county ordinance violations; deposit account fraud (bad checks); preliminary hearings; and summonses, arrest warrants and search warrants.
Juvenile Courts The purpose of the Georgia juvenile courts system is to protect the well-being of children, provide guidance and control conducive to child welfare and the best interests of the state, and secure care for children removed from their homes.
Probate Courts County probate courts exercise exclusive, original jurisdiction in the probate of wills, administration of estates, appointment of guardians and involuntary hospitalization of incapacitated adults and other individuals.
Municipal Courts Courts of incorporated municipalities try municipal ordinance violations, issue criminal warrants, conduct preliminary hearings, and may have concurrent jurisdiction over shoplifting cases and cases involving possession of one ounce or less of marijuana.
Georgia court forms and rules Probate court forms, juvenile court forms, inmate forms, protective order forms and court rules.
Court of Appeals Docket Search To access Georgia court cases information you may use either the Court of Appeals docket/case number, the trial court case number or a word from the style of the case.

Criminal Records & Resources
Sex Offender Search Georgia Bureau of Investigation Sexual Offender Search Form. Search for sex offenders in Georgia by name, zip code, county etc.
Absconder Search Absconder search form makes it easy to search for people who haven't registered with the sheriffs office after they have been released from prison, parole, supervised release or probation. Search by county.
Dangerous Sexual Predator Search Search for dangerous sexual predators in the state of Georgia. Search by name, gender, county etc.
Georgia Most Wanted View pictures, details etc. about Georgia's most wanted fugitives.
Inmate Search Search for inmates in Georgia prisons.
DOC Georgia Department of Corrections. Learn more about how the prison system works in Georgia, learn about the prison rape elimination act, guide for incarcerated veterans and much more resources and links that you can view at the Georgia dept of corrections.
Obtaining Criminal History Record Information Answers to FAQ's about obtaining a criminal history report in the state of Georgia. Answers to such questions like How can I obtain a copy of my Georgia criminal history record?, What information is contained in a Georgia criminal history record?, Can I obtain a Georgia criminal history record of another person?, How do I obtain a Georgia criminal history record check from GCIC for employment, licensing, or visa (travel) purposes? and more answers to FAQ's.

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death)
Georgia Birth Certificate Georgia dept of community health. Learn how you can access certified copies of Georgia birth certificates. Find out the requirements to obtain copies of birth certificates and more.
Death Certificate Find out how you can obtain a copy of certified death records in Georgia. Find out more about the fees, requirements to access copies of records and more.
Georgia Marriage Records Learn how to access certified copies of marriage records in Georgia. Find out the requirements, fees etc to access marriage records in the state of Georgia.

Locate Georgia County Public Records

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Access and locate Georgia county public records online. You can obtain access to the following searches below and much more.

  • Find criminal offenders in Georgia

  • Locate county court records dockets search

  • Find marriage license certificate online

  • Lookup divorce decree obtain copies

  • Find death records index

  • Search birth records certificate online free
  • Find someone in Georgia online free

  • Find driving reports records

  • Search public court records

  • Find sex offenders

  • Check background records of people

  • Locate criminal conviction records

  • Find county arrest records online

  • Lookup Georgia inmate records free

  • Find arrest records police blotter reports

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    Georgia can be found in the southeastern United States. It is bordered by 5 other U.S. states which includes Florida to its south, Alabama to the west, North Carolina and Tennessee to the north and South Carolina to the east. There is also a small portion in the southeastern part of the state which is along the Atlantic Ocean.

    Georgia has a total population of almost 10 million residents making it the 9th most populated state in the Union today. With its 59,425 square miles of land, it is ranked in the middle with regards to size, at number 49.

    Georgia is known either as “The Empire State of the South” or “The Peach State”. Its capitol as well as largest city is Atlanta which is currently the fastest growing city in the nation. While it was one of the first states admitted to the Union as number 4, it was also one of the fist to cede from the Union during the Confederacy era.

    In 1974, under the belief that each and every single person at the right to know what type of information that the government was maintaining about them, the U.S. Congress passed the initial draft of the freedom of information act.

    While today you are able to have access copies of birth certificates and Georgia criminal records, this was not always the case. The original freedom of information act put many limitations on what one could consider one’s right to know. Now you can easily find a person in Georgia, lookup Georgia court records, find Georgia criminal records online, search Georgia public records for free, criminal background check and even find out if someone has any criminal convictions.

    Making use of the Internet in order to obtain your personal public records is very important because each and every single state has their own concept of one’s right to know. Since some states make it hard and some states make it easy for you to obtain access to public records, doesn’t it make more sense to get them online or somebody else has already done all the hard work for you. You can easily find Georgia property records online, search Georgia police records, lookup Georgia arrest records online, find Georgia criminal court records, find sex offenders in Georgia and a whole lot more with the use of criminal record searches and public records online

    Your personal reasons for wanting to obtain public records could be very different than someone standing next to you. Some people just want to know what type of information has been kept by the various levels of government, while others would like to rectify some issues or omissions in those records.

    Your reasons are your reasons alone, but it is good to know that you are able to make a well-informed decision with the help of making use of public records. If your wanting to search Georgia divorce records online, find Georgia marriage licenses, lookup Georgia birth certificates, Georgia criminal background checks and any other Georgia vital records online for free then do it now.

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