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Public Records State of California

Court Records & Resources
Court Administration This section includes information about the Judicial Council, the Administrative Office of the Courts, and other agencies responsible for the efficient management of the California court system, as well as information on court-related legislation.
Court Legislation Search for active court-related legislation or consult the annual legislative summaries of enacted bills that affect the courts or are of general interest to the court community. Search active legislation such as appellate courts, bail schedule, benefits, budget, family law, grand jury, trial court facilities and more.
Court Self Help Center This Web site will help you find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters. View information about free and low cost legal help, small claims, family court, protection from abuse, traffic etc.
PACER PACER is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from Federal Appellate, District, and Bankruptcy courts, and from the U.S. Party/Case Index.
Small Claims Find information about small claims court basics, how to research a case, county specific court information and more self help information regarding small claims court.
Families/Children Self help information regarding family and children court. View information such as what to do if your being abused, divorce, legal separation, annulment, child, spousal and partner support and more.
Traffic Self help information regarding traffic court etc. View such information as online forms and rules of the court, vehicle code, pending legislation, payment of traffic fines etc.
Bankruptcy Court/Northern District United States Bankruptcy court Northern District of California. Find information such as forms, court fees, rules of the court, court locations, calendars etc.
Bankruptcy Court/Central District United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of California. Obtain information such as forms, rules, court information, locations, news, notices, publications and more.
Bankruptcy Court/Southern District United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of California. Website contains a wealth of information about bankruptcy and other general court information. The court serves San Diego and Imperial counties.
Courts of Appeal California court of appeals. Obtain information such as appellate claim form, calendars, case information, appellate briefs and more.
California Courts Judicial System of State of California. Information and resources such as forms, self help, help finding a court, court administration and more.

Criminal Records & Resources
Crime Data View the latest criminal statistics in the state of California.
Missing Persons California missing person search. View pictures and information about missing people in the state of California.
Missing Children View pictures and information about missing children in California.
Amber Alert The Amber Alert system empowers law enforcement, the media and the public to combat abduction by sending out immediate, up-to-date information that aids in the child's safe recovery.
Dept of Corrections Obtain resources and information regarding: prisoners, victim resources, how to visit an inmate, prison locations/information, public notices, reports and research and more.
Clean up Criminal Record Information and resources on how to clean up your criminal record in California. Learn more about your criminal convictions, get a copy of your criminal history, learn inf your eligible for dismissal, how to file a petition and more.
Criminal Law FAQ Find answers to common questions about criminal law in California. Questions such as Where can I find the victim-witness program in my county?, Where can I find the public defender in my county? I am a crime victim. Can I get money from the person who hurt me? etc.
Criminal Law Forms Public access to forms such as fingerprint form, Order For Restitution And Abstract Of Judgment, Notice of Appeal-Felony and many more forms are available. All forms are provided in PDF format and may be viewed and printed from any computer.
Cyber Safety For Children Cyber Safety for Children is a partnership between the California Office of Privacy Protection and the California Coalition on Children’s Internet Safety. They are working toward facilitating the safe, smart and legal use of the Internet by our children.
California Sex Offender Registry/Megan's Law This site will provide you with access to information on more than 63,000 persons required to register in California as sex offenders. Find registered sex offenders home addresses, find them by zip code etc.

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death)
Birth Records Information and resources regarding how to obtain birth certificates and records in the state of California.
Death Records Information and resources on how the public can access certified copies of death records in California.
Marriage Records Information on how the public can access certified copies of marriage licenses and records in California.
Divorce Records Information on how the public can access certified copies of divorce decrees and records in the state of California.

Lookup California County Public Records

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CalaverasMaderaSan BenitoStanislaus
ColusaMarinSan BernardinoSutter
Contra CostaMariposaSan DiegoTehama
Del NorteMendocinoSan FranciscoTrinity
El DoradoMercedSan JoaquinTulare
FresnoModocSan Luis ObispoTuolumne
GlennMonoSan MateoVentura
HumboldtMontereySanta BarbaraYolo
ImperialNapaSanta ClaraYuba
InyonevadaSanta Cruz
Easily Locate and Access the following records and reports below and much more.

  • Find California county criminal court dockets

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  • Locate marriage license & copies of certificate

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  • Find county court records

  • Lookup public police records online

  • Find arrest reports and warrants

  • Find prison and jail records

  • Locate sex offenders in local area

  • Search circuit court records on line

  • Find birth certificates

  • Locate divorce decrees and divorce records

  • Look up death certificates

  • Search criminal history of people

  • Locate criminals in your area

  • Find property records, deeds and reports online

  • The state of California is a state in the western U.S. which is bordered by 3 other states as well as the Pacific Ocean to its west. The northern border of California is shared with Oregon, and its eastern border is shared by Nevada and Arizona.

    California is the most populated state in the country with roughly 10% of the U.S. population living there. Currently there are more then 36 million residents of California. It is the 3rd largest state in the country with only Alaska and Texas being larger. It covers a total area of 163,696 square miles. Also be sure to view other state records because some people have records in other states such as Indiana, South Carolina, Maine, New York and others.

    California is known as “The Golden State” as it played a crucial role in the gold rush. Sacramento is the capital of the state but it is not the most populated city. The most populated city in California is Los Angeles, the center of the Greater Los Angeles Area which is home to almost 20 million residents.

    For the longest time the US has maintained records of each and every single individual. It was not until 1974 that the freedom of information act was finally passed allowing each and every single person to finally find out exactly what type of public records information was being kept.

    What you understand the freedom of information act to be, did not always exist in this fashion. When the original act was drafted and passed, it put some serious limitations with regards to the types of information that you’re able to obtain. Today though, you can get all types of records including birth and death certificates as well as criminal records and court records. It’s really easy for you to search California public records online such as California public criminal court records, California property records search, find California marriage records, California criminal background check and more.

    Sure, you could always go out and start listing all the different government offices which maintain these records. Of course then again seen as though each and every state has their own concept of the freedom of information act, this can prove to be a daunting task for anyone; especially if you’re trying to obtain records out of state. This is why so many people have turned to the Internet in order to get copies of this information. You can find California public police records, California arrest records search, California birth records search online, find sex offenders in California, California divorce records search and more.

    Everyone seeks public records for various reasons, and each person will have their very own reasons for wanting to access these records. Irregardless of your particular reason though, is good to know that you can have access to California public records free through the Internet no matter what your particular reasons are. You can search free California criminal records online, lookup free California public records, find a person in California, California background checks and more.

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