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Public Records State of Arkansas

Court Records & Resources
Supreme Court Access to Supreme Court of Arkansas court decisions, court rules, boards and committees, historical society and more.
Clerk of the Courts The Clerk's office performs various jobs and duties for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, the bar, and the public. The office is responsible for filing cases, briefs, motions, petitions and other documents that are presented to the courts for decisions. Located @ 625 Marshall Street
1320 Justice Building
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201. Phone # 501-682-6849
Court of Appeals Arkansas Court of Appeals offers various information on the appeals process, judge information etc.
Circuit Court Arkansas Judiciary Circuit Court offers information such as: court costs, jury training information, administrative plans, drug court programs, juvenile court programs and more.
District Courts District courts, formerly known as municipal courts before passage of Amendment 80 to the Arkansas Constitution, exercise county-wide jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases, preliminary felony cases, and civil cases in matters of less than $5,000. Also offers information and resources regarding: Small Claims Court Information, Arkansas District Judges Council,
District Court Benchbook Link and more.
City Courts Learn more information about Arkansas city courts such as: authorization, jurisdiction, Qualifications/Designation of Substitute Judge, salary and more.
Judiciary Arkansas Judiciary offers information regarding the courts, administration, forms, employment, opinions and more.
Docket Search You can search only Arkansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Cases by case number and or name. Also offers a tutorial describing how to use the court docket search.
Information for the Public Offers various resources regarding: complaints about lawyers, complaints about judges, court structure, justice building, juvenile courts, laws of state of Arkansas, small claims court information and more.
Juvenile Division The AOC Juvenile Division is involved in many projects relating to children and families. Ongoing projects include drafting rules, forms, and sample orders; providing continuing legal education opportunities, training and technical assistance; coordinating grants to improve court practices; and providing ongoing funding and support to local CASA volunteer programs and attorneys to represent the best interests of children in abuse and neglect cases.
Drug Court Drug court programs are an interdisciplinary, non-adversarial judicial process for diverting an offender (or alleged offender) who has a demonstrated dependence on alcohol or an illicit drug, into a strenuous treatment program that includes frequent drug testing, required employment, treatment and counseling and regular court appearances to monitor program compliance. For more information 1-800-950-8221, or
Small Claims Information PDF In Small Claims Court, you can sue to recover for damages to personal property, money owed, or for delivery of personal property which is worth $5,000 or less. Provides information regarding how to file a small claims case etc.
Opinions Search Easily search opinions by keywords for Arkansas Supreme Court and Arkansas Court of Appeals.

Criminal Records & Resources
Sex Offender Registry Information regarding registration of sex offenders such as: who is required to register, registration form, change of address form, Acknowledgement Form etc.
Sex Offender Search Easily search sex offenders in your area of Arkansas. Also contains information regarding who is required to register as a sex offender and more.
Dept of Corrections Arkansas Department of Corrections. Access to information and resources regarding: facilities, visiting inmates, inmate search, employment opportunities, escaped convicts, how to send money to inmates and more.
Missing Persons Learn more about finding missing persons in Arkansas, laws, regulations, view pictures of missing people in Arkansas and what you should do to report a missing person etc.
Crime Statistics View crime statistics in the state of Arkansas. While this information comes from law enforcement and includes the number of arrests and incidents known and reported by law enforcement agencies, it does not include any data relating to prosecution, adjudication or corrections.
Crime Information Center View Arkansas sex offender registry, Real-Time Electronic Logbook For All Pharmacies, law enforcement officers that have been killed, JusticeXchange, ACIC system regulations, AIBRS Information, VINELink, stolen vehicle verification form, criminal justice directory and more.
Most Wanted/Escapees View escapees from the Arkansas Department of Corrections. You can also sign up for the escapee alert system.
State Police Arkansas State Police provides information regarding: Alarm Installation and Monitoring, Blue Light Sales,Combustibles and Explosives,Concealed Handgun Licensing, Crash Record Information, Fire Marshal, Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems, ID Bureau & AFIS, Precious Metals,
Private Investigators, Salvage Auction Buyer, Used Motor Vehicle Licensing and much more
Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) The Arkansas Crime Victim Information and Notification System allows anyone to check the location and status of offenders, and to register for notification of events related to a particular offender. For more information about VINE contact ACIC at (501) 682-2222

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death)
Vital Records Information regarding birth certificates, marriage, death and divorce records. Also has various information and links regarding: what type of documents and records can be issued, fees, who may access the records, tutorials for filers of certificates, examples of changes to records without a court order and much more. All information regarding birth, death, marriage and divorce can be accessed.

Locate Arkansas County Public Records Online

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ClayHot SpringMonroeSharp
CleburneHowardMontgomerySt. Francis
ConwayJacksonOuachitaVan Buren
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    Arkansas is located in the southern portion of the U.S. and is bordered by 6 different states. To the west can be found Oklahoma, Missouri is to its north, Tennessee and Mississippi share its eastern border, Louisiana is to its south and the southwestern corner of the state makes contact with Texas.

    There are 2.8 million residents of Arkansas. This makes the state 32nd with regards to total population. There is 53,179 square miles of land area in the state making it the 29th largest state in the U.S.

    Arkansas is known as “The Natural State” as of currently but in the past has also been called “The Land of Opportunity”. The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock which is also the largest city in the state. Arkansas was the 25th state added to the Union back in 1836.

    Every single person has a personal record which is maintained by various levels of the US government. It was not until 1974 with the passing of the freedom of information act that the people were able to obtain copies of these public records. Today anyone can obtain copies of their own personal record.

    Today obtaining these records is an easy task but it was not always this easy. The original draft of the freedom of information act was limited with regards to types of records which were able to gain access to. As the concept of one’s right to know changed, the bill was been amended. However now you can easily search Arkansas public records online, find criminal court records in Arkansas, lookup public property records, find Arkansas sex offenders, lookup divorce records in Arkansas, find birth records Arkansas or even lookup Arkansas marriage records online for free.

    While it is completely possible for you to go to any government office in order to obtain the information that you’re looking for, it is important to remember that every state has their own laws regarding what is one’s right to know. In order to bypass all this all you have to do is make use of the Internet in order to obtain your records. You can easily find someone in Arkansas using public records. Also search sex offenders in Arkansas and do a criminal background check on someone as well.

    Each and every single person out there has their own reasons for wanting to obtain free access to public records in Arkansas, and irregardless of what those reasons are is good to know that you can have access to them. Whether you are wanting to find out what’s been holding you back from getting that job, or even if you want to fix an issue with your records, it all comes down to first obtaining them.

    Obtaining and search public records for free whether it is on your self or if it is on a possible application for a newly opened position in your company or a rental, it is good to know that the information you need to make a good decision is just a mouse click away. You can easily find public criminal court records for free, search criminal records in Arkansas, find police records, lookup public arrest records in Arkansas background checks and much more. It’s not hard at all to find someone’s criminal convictions.

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