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Public Records State of Arizona

Court Records & Resources
Judicial Branch Arizona Judicial Branch will give you access to various links and resources such as: Arizona court locator, children/family issues, domestic violence, traffic issues, laws for seniors/probate, self service forms, court rules, calendar of events, licensing and certification and much more.
Civil Court Docket Public Access to Civil court case information online. Lookup court case history, court calendars and more. The court case search system is unavailable Tuesday through Saturday from 3:00 am to 4:00 am.
Criminal Court Search Public access to criminal court case search. Search criminal court cases online, view criminal court calender and more. The system is unavailable Tuesday through Saturday from 3:00 am to 4:00 am
Family Court Case Search Public access to family court case dockets. Search family court case history, view court calendar and more. The system is unavailable Tuesday through Saturday from 3:00 am to 4:00 am
Probate Case Search Public access to probate court case dockets online. Search case history, court calendar and more. The system is unavailable Tuesday through Saturday from 3:00 am to 4:00 am.
Justice Court Case Information Public access to Justice court case dockets. View Justice court case history, court calendar and more. The system is unavailable Tuesday through Saturday from 3:00 am to 4:00 am.
Arizona Law Library Provides you access to self help resources, legal research, various links to resources such as: court forms, rules, eCourt, public case lookup and more.
Public Access Case Lookup Public access to case lookup - court information. A valuable online service providing a resource for information about court cases from 153 out of 180 courts in Arizona. You can search court cases by name, case number etc.
Arizona court forms Instant access to state and federal court forms for the state of Arizona. You can download the forms or pick them up at local courts.
eCourt Superior Court of Arizona's portal for preparing court documents. The site contains interactive interviews that will assist you in completing the forms necessary to create court documents for Legal Separation, Dissolution of Marriage, Concilliation and more. You can begin family court forms, application for default, respond to petitions, child support calculator, prepare parenting plans, consent decrees and more.

Criminal Records & Resources
Sex Offender Info Center Public access to the location of sex offenders in the state of Arizona. Information is only provided for sex offenders with risk assessment scores of Level 2 (Intermediate) or Level 3 (High)! Learn about facts, laws, notification process etc.
Most Wanted Violent criminal apprehension team's most wanted in the state of Arizona. View pictures, descriptions of fugitives crimes and submit tips. 1-888-768-4481 (888) SOUGHT 1
Dept of Corrections Whether you are seeking employment or searching the inmate database for the status of a specific offender, this website will keep you informed of our activities, including up-to-date department news. You can view prison maps, search for inmates, application to visit an inmate, victim services, reports and statistics and more.
Crime Reports The purpose of the Crime Reports for the state of Arizona is to provide data regarding the nature and extent of crime throughout the State. View several years of crime history in a pdf download.
ADC Inmate Search The Arizona inmate search is a web-based database that can be searched. The inmate database search contains information relating to inmates who were in the custody of ADC in 1985 and those arriving thereafter. It contains over 112,000 inmate records including approximately 26,000 records of active inmates.
Arizona Department of Public Safety dynamic organization with a fascinating history that has laid the groundwork for the agency’s current structure, mission, responsibilities, and identity. Public access to various resources such as: record requests, licensing, concealed weapons information, sex offender info, careers, task force info, latest news etc. Located @ 2102 W Encanto BLVD, Phoenix, Arizona 85009-2847 Phone # (602)223-2000
Criminal Justice Support Division This division of Arizona public safety is responsible for developing and coordinating scientific, technical, regulatory and support services essential to the promotion of public safety in Arizona. Various links and resources such as: licensing/regulatory, operations communications, records and identification and more.
Criminal History Records The Criminal History Records Section serves as the Central State Repository for criminal records in the state of Arizona. To obtain a copy of criminal records you will need to be authorized to access the information. Instructions and phone numbers are provided so you can lookup and request a criminal record check.
Arizona Amber Alert Access to sign up for amber alerts, child identification kits, and more.

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death)
Birth Certificate ADHS: Division of Public Health Services/Birth Certificates. Obtain information regarding how to access and retrieve copies of Arizona birth certificates and records. Only people 18 years of age or older can access birth certificates. You may apply in person at the State Office of Vital Records in Phoenix, send your request by mail, or file a request for expedited service on-line.
Marriage License Clerk of the Superior Court of Maricopa County/Marriage License requirements and access. Find information about how to obtain a marriage license in Arizona, fees, requirements etc.
Death Certificates Information regarding how to obtain copies and access death certificates and records in the state of Arizona.
Divorce Decree Information regarding how to obtain divorce decrees and records in the state of Arizona.

Locate Arizona County Public Records Online

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Locate the following records and reports below and much more.

  • Search Birth Records and Certificates

  • Locate Criminal Records Online

  • Search Circuit Court Dockets

  • Locate and Find a Long Lost Person

  • Lookup Your Neighbors Criminal History

  • Find Copies of Death Certificates and Records Online

  • Find Divorce Decree Records and Obtain Copies

  • Search and Locate Marriage Certificates and License

  • Search County Driving Records

  • Lookup Vital Records and Statistics

  • Locate Sex Offenders and View Sex Offender Registry List

  • Lookup Local County Property Records Online

  • Arizona can be found in the southwestern portion of the United States and makes up the area that has become commonly referred to as the Wild West. The state borders Mexico to the south. It also borders California and Nevada to the west, New Mexico to the east and Utah to its north. Don’t forget to view other state records to obtain a complete check on someone. Thats why I suggest that you view Hawaii, Maine, Florida, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina and some of the other states in the United States.

    There are more then 6 million people currently living in the state of Arizona which makes it the 14th most populated state in the union. Arizona covers a land area of 113,998 square miles which makes it the 6th largest U.S. state. It is also home to the majestic Grand Canyon as well as the London Bridge.

    Known as the “Copper State”, Arizona is home to many mines that continue to produce copper, gold as well as silver. Phoenix is the state’s capital as well as the largest city and the center of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. It was the last of the contiguous states added to the Union making it number 44.

    The United States Congress believed that each and every single person in the country had a right to know what type of information that the many levels of government were maintaining. As a result of this belief, in 1974 the freedom of information act was passed.

    As we all know, no one is perfect and neither is any act or law. The original act, severely limited the amount of information that you’re able to obtain, but as time went on many amendments were made to the bill to mold it into the freedom of information act that we know of today. This is why its really easy to access Arizona public police records, Arizona arrest records, Arizona property records, inmate records for free, find someone in Arizona, lookup sex offenders in Arizona, criminal background check and much more that you can gain access to.

    Each and every single state today has their own version of the freedom of information act. As a result, some states make it difficult to access public records while other states make it extremely easy for you to obtain copies of personal records. But you do not have to go to any public office in order to obtain them because you can get Arizona public records online. You can easily search Arizona criminal records online, search Arizona public court dockets, search Arizona marriage records, find Arizona divorce records online, do a Arizona background check and many more records you can search online for free.

    Irregardless of your reasons for obtaining public records, it is important to know that they are available to you. You may want to see what type of background record information is being about you, while at the same time you may also want to find out if there are any errors in your public record. You may not know what your criminal record looks like. You may want to lookup public criminal court records online, find unclaimed money in Arizona, Find sex offenders in Arizona or even criminal offender records in Arizona.

    Today there are just so many possibilities with regards to obtaining public records, that choosing not to may prove to be mistake. Have you ever wonder why you were unable to obtain a job after having a background check performed on you? Well by checking the public records you will be able to find out if there are any issue that you need to fix. Its really easy to lookup public criminal records, find Arizona court records, find Arizona criminal records and easy perform a Arizona criminal background check online. Easily lookup Arizona county public records instantly right now!

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