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Public Records State of Alabama

Court Records & Resources
Court of Judiciary Easy access to all of Alabama judical records online. Located @ 300 Dexter Avenue · Montgomery, Alabama 36104 | FAQ's
Alabama Law Library The Library has approximately 200,000 volumes in its collection, exclusive of microforms, making it one of the largest law libraries in the state. The Library is also one of the oldest U.S. Government Depository libraries in the United States, having been designated a depository in 1884. The library provideds public access to past court cases and to lookup court records online. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The telephone number is 334-242-4347 or 1-800-236-4069.
Office of the Courts Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts provides the public with a resource for various legal forms and access to various court divisions.
Middle District United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama. Provides public with access to such things as how to represent yourself in court, public access to court electronic records, court schedules, various legal forms, judge information and much more.
Northern District United States District Court Northern District of Alabama. Get access to jury information, court news, local rules, general orders and more. Located @ Hugo L. Black U. S. Courthouse 1729 Fifth Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203 Telephone: Main: 205.278.1700 Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Southern District United States District Court Southern District of Alabama. The mission of the court is to provide an impartial and accessible forum for the just, timely and economical resolution of legal proceedings within the jurisdiction of the Courts. Public access to jury information, CM/ECF and Pacer, rules of the courts etc. for the Southern District of Alabama.
Middle Bankruptcy United States Bankruptcy Court For Middle District of Alabama. Public access to court dockets, overview of bankruptcy and related filing procedures, Official bankruptcy forms collection, various news and announcements and more.
Northern Bankruptcy United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Alabama. Public access to CM/ECF, local court announcements, self help bankruptcy filing information, court calendars, bankruptcy fees and more general information.
Southern Bankruptcy United States Bankruptcy Court Southern Disctrict of Alabama. Public access to court dockets, case management electronic filing, forms, notices, fees, court directory and more. Office Hours: The Clerk's office is open daily from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Except: Saturday, Sunday, and Legal Holidays
Alabama Supreme Court The Supreme Court of Alabama is composed of a chief justice and eight associate justices. As the highest state court, the Supreme Court has both judicial and administrative responsibilities. The website provides various links to court divisions in the state of Alabama, general and statistical information about the courts, court docket calendar, rule changes, virtual tour of the court, judge gallery, faq's and much more. Located @ Montgomery, Alabama 36104 Supreme Court: Phone # 334.229.0700
AL - Appellate Court Overview Appellate courts do not try cases, have juries, witnesses, or court reporters. They review actions or decisions of the trial courts by reviewing the record on questions of law or allegations of procedural error.
Alabama Judicial Alabama Judicial System Online. The Judicial Building, located in downtown Montgomery, is home to the state's Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals, State Law Library, and Administrative Office of Courts (which oversees the trial courts). Easy access to court records and dockets, legal resources, history of Alabama judicial system, judicial system chart, appelate process chart, various links to court divisions of Alabama etc.

Criminal Records & Resources
Alabama FBI Birmingham Field Office Federal Bureau of Investigation. You can reach an employee at the FBI office @ (205)326-6166. Someone is available 24hrs a day with offices hours 8:15 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday 24 Hour Emergency Service. Public access to information such as Alabama's most wanted, community outreach, press releases, employment opportunities and more. Located @ 1000 18th Street North Birmingham, Alabama 35203
ADOC Escaped Inmates Alabama Department of Corrections Escaped Inmates. Easily look at picutres of captured and Escapees of the ADOC.
Dept of Public Safety Alabama Department of Public Safety is a statewide law enforcement agency comprising six divisions: Administrative, Alabama Bureau of Investigation, Driver License, Highway Patrol, Protective Services, and Service. Gain public access to various divisions of law enforcement in Alabama, drivers license manuals/forms, news releases, criminal justice training center and more.
Information Center/Forms Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. Obtain access to forms, manuals and validations. Access such things as arson reporting, hate crime, request for NCIC user form, arrest forms etc.
Crime Statistics Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center Criminal Statistics. Public access to Alabama criminal statistics such as 1. Homicide / Non-negligent Manslaughter 2. Forcible Rape 3. Robbery 4. Aggravated Assault 5. Burglary 6. Larceny / Theft 7. Motor Vehicle Theft. Learn about different criminal statistics and facts.
Sex Offender Search Alabama sex offender search. Public access to sex offender search in Alabama. Enter name, county, zip code and city and you can do a quick search of your area for sex offenders.
Missing Children Community Information Center Missing Children in Alabama. Pictures, case numbers etc of missing and exploited children in State of Alabama. Contact Alabama Bureau of Investigation Center for Missing and Exploited Children directly at (800) 228-7688. Our business hours are 8:00am cst - 5:00pm cst, Monday - Friday. Please limit after hour calls to emergencies only.
Fugitives Alabama Department of Public Safety. Pictures and information regarding Alabama most wanted fugitives.
ADOC Alabama Department of Corrections. Public access to information such as parole violators, inmate search, inmates on death row, escapees, send money to an inmate, statistical reports, employment opportunities and much more.
Inmate Search Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search. Find inmate by AIS number, first name, last name. This database only contains currently incarcerated inmates. Historical data is not available on-line at this time.
Office of Criminal History Checks Alabama Department of Human Resources Office of Criminal History Checks is a centralized focus point for collecting and tracking requests for criminal history checks for the Department of Human Resources' employees who serve children and adults, licensed adult and child day care facility employees, students, mentors, volunteers, family coaches, and DHR contact providers.

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death)
Birth Certificate Ordering Alabama Birth Certificates. By Alabama law, birth certificates are confidential records with restricted access for 125 years from the date of birth. The fee to search for a birth certificate is $12.00
Death Certificate Ordering Alabama death certificates. By Alabama law, death certificates are confidential records with restricted access for 25 years from the date of death. The fee to search for a death certificate in Alabama is $12.00. Anyone can access death certificate after 25 years of the death.
Marriage Certificate Ordering copies of Alabama Marriage Certificates. The Alabama Center for Health Statistics began filing marriage certificates in 1936 for marriages that occurred in Alabama. Their are no restrictions to access marriage certificates. $12.00 search fee.
Divorce Certificate Ordering Alabama Divorce Certificates. $12.00 divorce certificate search fee. Their are no restrictions for access as long as you pay the fee etc. The Alabama Center for Health Statistics began filing divorce certificates in 1950 for divorces that occurred in Alabama.

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  • The state of Alabama can be found in the southeastern United States. It is bordered by Mississippi to the west, Georgia to the east, Tennessee to the north and its southern boundary is shared with the state of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

    Today, Alabama has a population of roughly 4.6 million residents which is ranked number 23 in the states. It covers a total area of 52,419 square miles and is ranked 30th with regards to size amongst the other U.S. states.

    The unofficial nickname of Alabama is “Yellowhammer”, which is shared with the state bird, but its official nickname is the “Heart of Dixie”. The state capital is Montgomery, but the largest city in Alabama is Birmingham with a population of almost a quarter of a million residents. It was the 22nd state admitted to the Union.

    Based on the concept of one’s “right to know”, The United States Congress back in 1974 drafted and passed the resolution which allowed people to obtain copies of the records on an individual resident of the country, which have been maintained by the various levels of government that maintained them.

    The original creation of this act however was not as we know it today as there were many limitations on what was considered one’s “right to know”. Today however, one can obtain public record information in Alabama ranging from Alabama court records, Alabama criminal records to Alabama birth records, Alabama inmate records search and adoption records.

    It is important to point out though that every single state in the Union has also adopted its own unique variation of these laws. Some states make accessing the information a simple process while many others make it out to be an almost impossible task. However, thanks to the internet, it does not have to be difficult because the hardest parts have already been done for you and all that you need to do is to click a mouse and you can easily do a Alabama public record search. Doing a Alabama public record search online and you can find Alabama death records online, search criminal court records in Alabama and do a Alabama background check for free.

    There are many reasons why one could want to search for public records online. From a personal standpoint, you may just want to know what information the government has been keeping about you. This public record information may also have some how affected your life and if incorrect you need to be able to rectify it. You can easily find a person in Alabama and search inmate records in Alabama as well.

    As a business you may want to obtain access to public records as a means of determining if you can hire someone. If hiring a cashier, you obviously do not want an employee with a history of theft crimes. As a landlord you may want to know what type of person you may be renting to. Of course the possibilities are endless; it is just good to know that this type of information is available to you.

    What are you waiting for? You can easily lookup and find free Alabama public records instantly right now! Whether if you are searching for Alabama vital records, Alabama criminal records, Alabama court records, property records and more, you can find them right now. So search county Alabama police records, find Alabama arrest records and all Alabama counties.

    You may also want to view some other state records such as Hawaii, Maine, Louisiana, South Carolina and others in the United States. When you view other state records you can get a complete criminal background check, because you may never know when that person may have committed a crime in another state.